About DOC

Discipling Operational Christians – Outreach to Inmates exists to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the least of these who are in jails and prisons. D.O.C. seeks to empower inmates to empower other inmates in the truth of Jesus Christ. We invest in a few to reach many.

We live this out by teaching and empowering a member in prison to disciple another man or woman inside the walls and wire. A variety of methods are utilized:

  • a monthly newsletter, D. O. C. Deliverer
  • prisoner to prisoner mentoring
  • personal letters of exhortation, encouragement and support
  • bible study resources
  • sermons
  • bibles when needed
  • Outside Christian mentors

All who want a change in their lives are supported through encouragement, love and acceptance. We are not the only prison ministry yet we are different from most as we are a “personal ministry”. Personal letters develop bonds; one on one visits with a prisoner develop relationships within the body and develop trust and self-worth. Our desire is to let God lead us in teaching incarcerated men and women to build godly relationships; disciple and encourage one another and grow in their maturity as Christians as they become salt and light to other individuals in the prison system.

This is the model Jesus left for us to follow; build three strand cord relationships with the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the outcasts, the broken and the lost. Show them the love of God who made the sacrifice for us.

It does not matter what the crime; God’s grace is for EVERYONE. His love is beyond description. We pray His love flows through us to those inside the walls and those who are released as they too, learn how to love others.

We ask you to pray and partner with us in this ‘blessed to be a blessing’ ministry.

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