Consider:  Why are so many Christians hateful, deficient of compassion, and equating Americanism with Christianity? Why are Christians (like me) disillusioned with Christianity?

Christianity’s problem? The “Christian Umbrella.” That blanket claim of Christian-association: raised by Christian parents, race (specifically White, Caucasian, European, etc.), belong (in name) to a church, regularly attend church services, well-versed in Scripture, American citizen, honors the American flag, in a law enforcement or military family, against gay marriage and abortion, etc….

Many wrongly equate the above associations with Christianity. They crowd beneath that inherently self-entitled, self-righteous “Christian Umbrella,” sadly dragging many ill-informed individuals with them,

As a Christian (of 16 years), I’ve witnessed Christians discriminate against others, or remain silent as others do so. Renowned Christian leaders are M.I.A. (Missing In Action) as families escaping poverty and violence are torn apart at the border. Certain Christian leaders voice staunch support for bigoted, misogynistic, corrupt politicians.

“Religious Freedom!” is screamed to avoid baking cakes for gay couples, but there’s silence as gays are beaten, are murdered, or commit suicide. Stones are thrown at the young girl considering abortion, but where’s the concern for the pain driving her to consider such a decision?

Does Jesus care about people who are discriminated against? Families being (further) destroyed at the border? Would Jesus support bigoted, misogynistic, corrupt politicians? Does Jesus care about homosexuals that are beaten, are murdered, or commit suicide, about the pain driving the young girl to consider abortion?

I don’t believe Jesus is impressed with claims of Christianity. In fact, I am disillusioned with Christianity. However, I am NOT disillusioned with Christ. Grace, mercy, and compassion for the poor, the outcast, and the foreigner is Christ-like and must override all views and isms. Hence, I shun places where wrong-headed views and isms reign supreme: The Christian Umbrella.  Jammie Hendrix


To the Editor: For the family at D.O.C., your families are in my prayers. For the Brothers locked up, you’re in my prayers. For the sick and dying, you’re in my prayers. The Holy Spirit is at work renewing us minute by minute. Wow, we are loved. I’m getting closer and closer to my Board of Parole hearing.

The best thing happened to me. Prison Ministry Crew wrote me and now I see its God’s calling for me to live with them. I ask all of you to pray that the Commissioner finds it in his heart to send me to live with Prison Ministry Family-Church. We are always going to have things go on in our lives but with God we can make it. Not a day goes by that I don’t pray to God and believe me I ask Him for forgiveness. I never imagined I’d be in prison for 15 years to life, living with this shame and regret. This hurts my heart.  And to hear people in general talking about it, not knowing the situation, hurts even more! But God Almighty knows the truth and I know He forgives me and that brings me peace to deal with situations each and every day. Even in or out of prison, we must do God’s will to do His work! Amen. Glory be to God. May the angels keep you all safe. Psalms 111:1-10, great are the Lords works.  Angel Vega


D O. C. Brothers and Sisters,

I walk these prison yards with so many people that have no remorse, no care in the life. The drugs have taken over this prison yard and the people I am housed with are out of their minds. People are getting hurt. Some fear getting caught up in someone else’s mix. Because of the change in my life, and Jesus Christ back in my heart, I feel the strength to stand up for others who can’t defend themselves. I want to put my life in front of the enemy at all costs. I ask God to help me to use the right words, words of faith, so others can feel safe. I believe it is God’s will to strengthen my walk and show that even the weak have friends. Therefore, I soldier on with my faith, not my fist.

It is this ministry letter and prayers that give me the blessing every day to want to do better.

Let’s all pray for the others who might be having the same trouble. Again, as a new member, I ask that this letter be a challenge to all members to stand up and step in front of the enemy. Pray for them so they might see the power of Jesus and not the devil.  Loving Life, Loving Jesus, Loving all of you. Mark L. Williams, Big Bump


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