John Cervantes/CA: I have been saved for about 5 years now. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ on the streets. I belong to “Verity Baptist Church” in North Sacramento. Since I been saved everything in my life hasn’t been smooth sailing but that’s only my truth. However, through the Lord’s Amazing Grace He has allowed me to conquer and overcome the disease of addiction through my faith, through His Word, and through the power of prayer. Through this victory in my life, I know without a doubt in my mind or heart that [in] my next battle in this life I can have victory through the Lord if I submit to the Lord every day, consistently read the Word daily, pray daily and do His work/will and not my own. The Lord’s Grace is truly sufficient for me. All praise and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am currently on___-yard and have been blessed to be surrounded by strong brothers in the Lord who encourage me and inspire me daily.


Ziquan Grayson: I went through some of the worst things a young man could endure from being shot by police officers, being abused by Child Protection Service, to looking at 65 to life in prison. But through the dark, God rained his love and light on my soul. He showed me I was a diamond and to respect the dirt I came from because it’s what helped shape me. And I believe pain is for a time and victory is forever. A man that made a mistake now made nothing at all. I’m proud of what I’ve been through because through trial and tribulation I became a king. I survive to struggle and struggle to survive and can help young people who have been through something like myself.  God said in Rom5:2-5, “Through him we have also obtained access by faith into his grace in which we stand and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that but we rejoice in our suffering knowing that suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope and hope does not put us to shame because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”  Amen. The Spirit and world will never be friends. So when I see my Father Lord God, I will forever fight in his name like the lion and king I was born to be.


Burt Lookado/CA:  I am 46 years old and a firm believer that Jesus Christ has anointed me with His precious blood.  I say this because at one time I was facing multiple life sentences.  However, truth be told, I did not commit the alleged crime that was committed in my court case.  After 3 years of fighting my case, the Lord blessed me with a good judge that listened to me and I was given the least amount of time allowed in the court system.  So, now after serving 6 years, I will be home at the beginning of next year. I truly believe that My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made all of this possible.  However, my faith had to be tested.  I now see that life is precious.  God has removed everyone that was toxic for me “spiritually,” and I pray that God places another believer in my life. God bless you and thank you.


Eric Serrano/CA: Our family was religious. I served in my church while growing up. I knew about God but I didn’t really have a relationship with him. I was living in sin thinking only about myself and no regard for other people. When I got incarcerated I thought my life was over. I thought, “I’m gonna lose my family and everything”. I started reading the Bible. I had this spiritual hunger because although I knew God, I wanted to have a relationship with him.  The only way I can do that is to read the Word and by doing that my spiritual eyes will be opened. Finally I can open the door for Jesus Christ to come into my life and become my Lord and personal Savior. God was so amazing because he’s been knocking on the door of my heart my whole life and finally I opened it for him when I got in jail. The whole time I was in county jail I dedicated my time to reading the Word and to have a new life with Jesus. I stopped worrying about my case and I gave all my worries and cares to Jesus and by doing that he gave me peace in my mind and heart. He took care of me and returned miracles in my life. He answered my prayers. Instead of doing a lot of time, I’m doing a little time and I give all the glory to God.  This is a new beginning of my life and I’m happy and grateful that I have Jesus in my life and my salvation is secured in my faith in Jesus alone. I’m happy to share my faith to other people who are lost and seeking a new life.


Jose Suarez:  I was raised in a Christian home, brought-up as a Christian. However, I always had my doubts on some passages from the Bible and for that reason it has been hard for me to understand some of the things the Bible speaks of.  I have read the Bible so many times and participated in Bible studies. I still have some unanswered questions. I guess in a way I’m thankful that God put me in prison so I may learn more about him. May God bless you all.


Myles Swain: God is truly a graceful creator. He has made me to see how effective his love is to allow me to have room to grow and mature by trial and error. Watching over me the whole time. Allowing me to observe him by remembering my experiences and seeing him being there the whole time! Wow, how good is that?? I love the Lord today, in spite of what I have lost. As a result of my mistakes and absurdities that were the stepping-stones; the ladders, that enabled me to have a relationship with God through Jesus by faith, which works through love. I am saved and a citizen today of heaven, even while I am physically present in this world. Yes, God’s love toward me is effective and has gracefully empowered me to soberly say “no” to the seduction of those influences that are designed against me, those to reject the Lord and deny him access to my heart. His grace has transformed the way that I wake up every morning – rain or shine. Meaning, I don’t wake up on “the wrong side of the bed” anymore. I wake up in Christ in spite of conditions! Praise God for his Grace and Gentleness that are incident to being in a relationship with him. God bless you all!


Greyelk Tatu/CA: Before I got locked-up I was a Satanist. In the past I was doing drugs, drinking, smoking, and stealing. I got in contact with a girl while I was locked-up that brought me closer to God. Her and I were planning a life together and she told me to do what she wants I have to convert. So I did. I can honestly say that since I’ve converted my life has been enhanced. I’m not saying life isn’t still hard. There have been challenges for me to overcome, tests in which I have failed and suffered the consequences. However, I have passed some tests (turning down alcohol, drugs, etc. and picking who I associate with by whether or not they enhance my life.) I still have problems with patience but

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