Thank you for your commitment, your sacrifices and most importantly for your time. I bow my knees unto our Father for you all daily. Always remembering you in my prayers. Thank you, sincerely. The Lord bless you and keep you and shine His favor upon you all in the Mighty name of our Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Shalom! Num. 6:4-26 Frank Beatty

At one point or another during everyday, I remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to eat at least one meal daily. When I go to the chow hall and I get a small portion on my tray, I tell myself that there are people in the world that have done no harm to anyone that may get nothing to eat in a day. I tell myself that Jesus wants me to be humble (Matt. 8:4). “Whoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven”. Even though I have to catch myself and remind myself of Jesus wanting me to be humble, I feel comfort in knowing that with God’s help I will become a better Christian. David Chehovich


Brothers and Sisters, Prayers are appreciated by everyone, and always answered. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for Those of you who were there for me and give me hope and comfort. I will transferred to lower security…didn’t think I’d ever reach a lower level. Prayers have made me a different and a stronger person. These last years weren’t as bad as I feared when I was in Reception and that is because I have Jesus with me. My Father watched over me and He is watching over you, too. 2 Corinthians 1:11 Billy Ray Estes


Dear D.O.C., Moms, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I’m happy to say that the Lord has helped me make it through this time behind prison walls. Amen! On 4/18 the gates will open and my journey as a re-born Christian begin. As crazy as it might sound, coming to prison is what I needed to open my eyes and put me in check. It saved my life and brought me back to our Lord and Savior. Now with a clear head and kindness in my heart I’m ready to face challenges that are coming my way. Thank all of you members for what you write. Many of us read everything in our newsletters; testimonies, poems, etc. It really does have an impact on us. It lets someone like me know that I’m not alone in this and most of us are in the same spot. Never stop believing in prayers. Never give up on your faith. And forever remember D.O.C. Thank you, Mom’s DeAnn, Brothers and Sisters. My prayers to all of you. Next time you hear from me will be from home. Pray for me as I step out these gates. In Jesus’ name Amen! Your brother in Christ, Robert Murillo


I want to say thank you for the time and patience it takes in helping compose this newsletter that I understand and highly appreciate all your hard work. I pray that the Lord Jesus will continue to bless you for your faithful service to all the brothers and sister who submit contributions to this ministry. So thank you and God bless.     In Christ’s love and care, James Wolfe


Dear Sister DeAnn and D.O.C. Staff, Once again, I want to praise God for the uplifting testimonies that I read in each month’s D.O.C Deliverer. I was especially touch by Brother Manny Javier’s story about the “Music Awakening” events we did together at La Palma Correctional Center. He has always had a heart to see souls won for Christ and the Lord has truly blessed him with a wonderful musical talent to share the Gospel. I’m also very grateful and privileged to have been able to serve with other D.O.C. members during my term in LPCC Arizona, faithful brothers such as Trever (Flanders), Johnny B Thompson, and Jerome Pittman. When I hear about them continuing in the things of the Lord, I rejoice that our labor was not in vain (I Cor. 15:58). Thank you for your exhortation to take the good news to those around me. There is one inmate in my dorm that I have been witnessing to and inviting to our dorm Bible studies, but so far he hasn’t come. However, the other day he told me that he does listen to me teach. I asked him how that could be and he said when he is lying down on his bunk, he can hear me when I’m teaching in the dayroom. I’ve had other inmates say the same thing when I’m preaching on the yard. Even though they won’t join the brothers at the yard service, they stand at a distance and hear the message loud and clear. I guess that’s one time when having a big mouth is a good thing! Jay Yoder


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