D.O. C. family: I’ve been out since Sept 20, and even though I’m in a program that limits where I can go, our Lord has been showing me that nothing is impossible with Him.

My release date wasn’t until 9/1/21, but here I sit on the other side of those walls. My marriage and my relationship with my kids and family has been restored. I’m able to go to church Sundays with my wife and kids. Things I had hoped for, for years. I was blessed with a job in the oil fields. Good money, good hours. I’ve gotten 80 grand in child support removed. How? The Lord did that.

I’ve gotten my driver license, and as a felon being away all those years, God continues to show me, provide and bless, and open doors that many had said were going to be a challenge to open and re-open. God did it like He was brushing a little dirt off His shoulder. It’s all in His hands, brothers and sisters. Don’t believe the hype and that devil when he uses people to speak negative about the future because all things are possible with Christ. Please believe me.

I was a piece of work before coming to Christ. I was a thief, adulterer, addicted to drugs, a low life. But Christ forgave me for all of that and I’m a new man, a Godly man, dad and husband. I’m a free man.

I wanted to write and encourage you. Don’t give in. Stay focused and stay the course. Christ is doing it for me, and soon He’ll be doing it for you out here, too! Restoring marriages, restoring families, and broken relationships, opening doors of employment and most of all, opening the prison gates. God Bless! One love! One God and one way!

Brother Billy Underwood Jr.

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