Mom’s Musings

God Kids! Do we continue to turn to God as children, being continuously converted? Or do we trust in our own abilities instead of God’s and produce consequences for which God will hold us responsible?

Do we deify our independence and self-will and call them by the wrong name? What God sees as stubborn weakness, we call strength. When we submit our natural life to the spiritual and obey the ‘orders’ of the Spirit of God, we have responded properly. As in the past, there is no guarantee that we will. We often refuse to be obedient.

Family, the Spirit of God remains unchanged and His salvation unaltered. “Put on the new man…” (Ephesians 4:24). Do not refuse to submit yourselves; He sees our refusal as willful disobedience. There are areas of self-will in our lives where our pride pours contempt on the throne of God and says, “I won’t submit.” Bring those areas of your lives to Him in prayer asking for willingness to submit in continuous conversion. Put that into different words — make a choice to be obedient and repent when you are not. Be humble and open to the regeneration that occurs when we are obedient because of our love for Him. Slowly but surely we can be ruled by the Spirit of God.

I pray that for all of us,

You are loved!    DeAnn aka Mom’s














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