Mom’s Musings

My beloved God kids, we are the salt, we are the people of God who can show the love that is so clearly described

in 1 John and throughout the Bible.  We are the ones who can act in unity, in Peace, in Grace.  We are those who can gather the wounded, lonely, angry, demented and misled to the throne of Grace and shower them with the love of Jesus Christ.

It takes faith to love!

He has been speaking to me through the Spirit for some weeks now and I think I’ve ‘heard’ Him, at last. I’ve asked His forgiveness for not having faith enough to love and for the bitterness that grew in my heart as I withheld love. People will always disappoint and fall short – always. I had lost track of the need for grace for all people I encounter and I’ve repented of that as well. I also ask forgiveness from all of you for this has reflected onto you.

1 John 3 is a beautiful (frighteningly truthful, leaving NO gray areas) description about how critical it is to love if we call ourselves children of God.  v.7 cautions us and reminds us that the devil sins – has sinned from the beginning. v.9 states as a fact that one born of God cannot continue to sin and v.10 is the ultimate truth of how we recognize a child of God! (Are you reading your Bible as you read this?) A child of God loves his brother/sister and if the

person does not, we move to v. 15.  Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer…and has no eternal life.

v.16 tells us of the love Jesus exhibited – he laid down his life for us. We are not to love with words, but with action, behavior, truth. v.24 …we know He lives in us by the Spirit He gave us.

You ALL are in my prayers,

                  DeAnn aka Mom’s



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