Mom’s Musings

God kids! Oh my, how we do love all of you! It is something to consider…how God fills our heart with this tender caring for people we’ve never met, for those who are lost (not in Christ), for those who suffer terrible things as they defend their faith, for those who have little to eat, or wear, or shelter. We are but dus

t, so I can only pretend to know how big the love of God for each of us [and them] must be! Have you ever thought about that? I think of that often.

There is so little I can do about the suffering. Recognizing that, I understand how valuable it is to intercede in praye

r and to listen with my heart to God. Holding someone’s hand as we pray together is a’ gath

ering’ and invites the power of the Holy Spirit to move. Do you “think” to God all day? I do. Silly stuff. Painful stuff. Joyful stuff. Begging and pleading stuff. Confused stuff.

Know what?

Not one bit of that ‘stuff’ is more than God can handle. And all of it is heard!

The challenge is to prayerfully offer it to Him. Just dump it at the foot of the Cross, tell Him how thankful I am for His attention and get busy about the things I can do. Let Him sort through the ‘stuff’! He knows what really needs attention and what is my lack of faith or my selfish desire.

We are by name and by commandment, disciples. We pray for those who don’t yet know Him. We show the love of Christ by our actions, words, and love. We need (seriously) need to share the gospel, the

good news, the risen Christ. Time is short and He wants all of His children gathered around the Throne. Pray for the words of the Holy Spirit to be placed on your tongue and given to one without the truth, the freedom and the peace that is in Jesus Christ.

He’s counting on us to be obedient to that.

You are loved in Christ! DeAnn aka Mom’s



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