Mom’s Musings

Family in D.O. C., We pray 2019 will be a year of favor from God to each one of you! This is a wonderful family. Continue to grow and learn, to hold one another accountable and be the best representative of Jesus Christ that you can. Do all you can to share the truth and freedom of Jesus to those around you. We are told to be disciples (and it is the mission of D. O. C.). Matthew 28;19-20

Our Governing Board meets each year in January to assess the last year and anticipate the coming year.

2018 –   129 new members

    4724 total members

     982 are inside

28 members were released (that we know)

58 Hygiene packages were shipped

We will be no longer offer hygiene packages.

We are aware there is a need and regret we no longer can help with that need. You all need to step up and find a way to help those who have a need if you have extra. That is what believers do! We share His generous provision. Set up a tithe box in the chapel or??

And…let’s review our mission as D. O. C. members. Our MISSION is to sustain, instruct and encourage people in prison to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We intend to develop men and women who disciple and empower one another as they mature spiritually and hold one another accountable in fellowship, prayer, study and worship.

Every Christian should be helping unbelievers become believers by showing them Christ.

That is, making a disciple.

And every Christian should be helping other believers grow to more and more maturity.

That is discipling.

And every Christian should be seeking to get help for themselves from others to keep on growing.

That is our discipleship.

The goal is to make disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20)

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