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Poetry | D O C Outreach


Heaven by Adrian Avila
Heaven is a place I hope to be.

A place I hope to see.

Will you pray for me.

Would you cry if I die?

Could you bury me and still remember me.

Heaven is a place I want to be.

I place I want to see.  Please pray for me.

I don’t want you to cry if I die.

Just bury me and remember me.

Heaven is a place I pray to be.

A place I pray to see.

So don’t forget to pray for me.

Because heaven is where I’ll be.



The New Valley by Greg Ennis

I find myself in a new valley

Perhaps lower than I’ve ever been

Yet, I’m not alone, never alone

He is causing me to see a light

A vision to behold, of hopefulness

I pray my presence doesn’t cause it to whither

He is with me, comforting me

His Word is like a calm that covers my scars

The terrain of this new valley is much like the others

It just seems so big, I can’t even see any hills

Oh to have a mountain top experience

Perhaps from His guidance to the light

This new valley isn’t a dry place

I see living water flowing everywhere

But it is a churning, clashing, causing mud

We are learning self-control

This trek is very slow going

Watching my steps, slow is good




I Have Prayed for You by Rocky Froemel

Luke 22:32
I do not know at the breaking of day,

What pitfalls I’ll meet or how rugged my way.

I can’t see hazards on a road I’ve not tread,

For I cannot see my road up ahead.

But God goes before me.  He starts my day.

He knows every trial that is coming my way.

This is my confidence, my guarantee.

It is my God who is praying for me.

For Satan is casting out his game,

But God has me covered already in prayer.

He pleaded for me, although I’m not knowing

The rough path ahead where I will be going.

There are unseen dangers God knows I will meet,

For Satan has come to sift me as wheat.

I never will know the pitfalls he staged,

Till I reach heaven’s shore all the prayers He had made.

So do not worry my children. I have already prayed for you.






Chris Grabek

Master Savior lover of my soul

There is nowhere I have been

That you do not know

Now is the season Thy kingdom come

Where all the children grow up in the Son

Cause it’s a celebration for the chosen

The Chosen One the Chosen one

Master Savior lover of my soul

There is nowhere I have been

That you do not know

I love you yes I do

I’ll never let you go

Master Savior lover of my soul

I’m very happy to share this poem with any and all

Thank you for letting me be a part of your community in the Lord.


Will or No Will by Jammie Hendrix

When the moon matures and all men slumber,

And only indifferent rodents creep.

When fish and fowl are reposed in number,

And every inquisitive creature sleeps.

Then I’ll seek unhurried reflection yearned,

From the creator of land and water.

With no one the wiser the truth I’ll learn:

Am I a sinner, victim, or martyr?

Sans voice of man or beast or thoughts from me,

Searching for that road called “Straight and Narrow”.

Or perhaps that “Wide Road” You laid for me?

O God of Moses! Raiser of Pharaoh!

Am I called like Joseph and Paul to chains?

Or raised as a thorn for cause unexplained?


I Love the Fact by Manny Javier

I love the fact, that there is a God

I love the fact, that He is alive

The God who knew me, before I came

The God who knew me, till the end

The God who’s love, truly unending

The God who’s love, is everlasting

The God who loves me, for who I am

The God who loves me, because I am

I love the fact, that there is a God

I love the fact, that I am loved by God!

Thank you God who is love


He Will Walk With God by John Lee

Blessed is the man

That does not forsake praise

He will walk with God

Through all his days

Blessed is the man

Who does not condone sin

He will walk with God

And have freedom within

Blessed is the man

Who walks in God’s light

He will walk with God

And not stumble in the night

Blessed is the man

Who gives all he can

He will walk with God

And will rise again



I Forgive You Daddy by Mable Lee-Bey

I forgive you Daddy

For not being there, all the nights I had nightmares.

Only five years old, cold and scared.

Where is my Daddy, does anyone care?

I forgive you Daddy

For missing all of my birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgivings.

Where were you Daddy, are you still living?

I forgive you Daddy

For not telling me I had a sister and a brother.

You just left me alone with my mother.

I forgive you Daddy

For not loving me enough,

For never inviting me to holiday dinners and stuff.

Being an “outside child” was never enough!

I forgive you Daddy

For saying goodbye before you ever said hello.

I love you Daddy that’s all I know.

RIP Daddy, your baby girl, Mable

Eph. 4:31-32; Matt 6:14-15



Jesus Did It by David Martinez

Given then and now we read, sing, think

And pray before we eat and drink.

Basic instructions before leaving earth,

To go forward and spread the Word

And bring some into the church

And introduce them to the Lord and get reborn.

Saved in the lamb’s book of life,

God’s arms stretched out over the sky,

I pray you believe day or night,

Now can you see that Jesus did it,

And you can let God close the curtain.

No more hurting, pains out of service,

Forever reading my Bible verses.



My Broken Heart by Larry Sage

I want to pray to you now, not tomorrow, but today

I’m asking you to show me, Father, how that I may live another way

I don’t want to wait any longer, my heart is bleeding

Please God make me stronger,

My faith is there, but my patience fleeting

The one’s who have suffered deserve restitution for their pain

I’m the one who deserves to be punished

In this institution while I try to explain

My dear God, who saved my sanity, and freed me from the sin in me

Take me from pride and vanity,

Shield my mind from the lies of the enemy.

Take my heart, take my soul, take my life, please, take it all

I played my part, it made me cold,

Balanced on the blade of the knife, I’m ready to fall

I’m left with nothing, my spirit ripped apart,

And my hope? I I thought was shattered beyond repair

But you were called upon by my aching soul

And in the presence of my broken heart you drew near

Behold, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you are here

And in my sorrow you will share.







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