Broken Pieces

In the beginning of Genesis, we read about the fall of man,

Which tells me I was born a sinner even if it’s a little difficult to understand.

I’m a sinner from birth, broken and discarded pieces in the midst of a rapidly decaying earth.

What are my pieces really worth?
Pain, fear, hate and rejection.

Growing up with no purpose and misguided direction.
My life was in shambles, pieces broken beyond repair, mad at the world,

Hurting myself and others because I really didn’t care.
Losing those closest to me within the blink of an eye,

A heart so hardened it wouldn’t even let me cry.
I was hopeless, heartless, couldn’t breathe, was choking.

The pieces of my life were shattered and broken.
Little did I know these pieces would tell what my testimony would be

And how God would make my pieces beautiful for everyone to see.
I didn’t meet God on the road to Damascus, but a road that was still leading me to hell.

That was when I surrendered and gave my life to Him that day in a tiny, little cell.
It was the hardest, yet greatest, decision I ever made

And it was the only decision that would truly get me saved.
God has taken my pieces and masterfully put them back together.

Who would have ever thought this pile of broken pieces could ever get any better?
The old has passed away, the new has begun,

No one comes to the Father except through the Son.
I’m forever grateful for surrendering and handing Him my pieces, Watching Him perform miracles that can only be done…

by Jesus.
I thank my Lord and savior for what He’s done and who He is.

And I’m now at peace knowing that in my heart is where my Lord and Savior lives!          

by Allan Courtney


Dear Mothers…by Durrell Anthony Puckett

Dear Momma, I don’t know how we fell apart,

But I misunderstood you my whole life.

I took you for granted, but now you are in Heaven

And I know exactly what you meant by tough luv,

So I luv you dearly…

Neka, what a great Mom you’ve been to your kids,

Your kids are my oxygen I breathe to stay alive

Aunt Kindren, how kind you be, Aunt Evelyn, how sweet thy sound heart

Aimee, how thoughtful of you and Ebony to share good times,

With gratefulness, DeAnn, mother of all mothers, how do you do it?

Ready to open the Word and use verses to diminish curses – from the Bible,

I luv you all!! Happy Mother’s Day




“Praying thru Everything

I look up & close my hands

It’s time to pray

As eye’s might stare

As word’s might make problems

The more I pray, the less

There is problems

Praying thru everything

Makes me mighty strong again.

By Brother David Martinez D.O.C.




Poem By Vickie Fuentes

I am an inmate in Jail for the past 27 mos. I give God all the Glory for His Grace, Love, Compassion and Strength I’m on my way home April 07, 2017. Praise God! I want to let all the women and men know – never give up Hope. Keep the Faith, and always stay in the backseat and let the Lord drive. Let go Let God! I will truly miss all and will always keep all the women and their families in my daily prayers. As they say, happiness keeps you sweet, trials keep you strong, sorrow keeps you human, and faith keeps you going.

You can stand through any storm when you’re standing with God!

Our trials are only for a season.

Trust God for everything; your care, your family, everything.

Trust God. He will take your ashes and turn them into beauty.

You are more than a conqueror through Christ!

When I take a moment to look back in time,

a whirl of mistakes comes to mind.

Selfish visions at times gone by.

Deceit and deception in a world full of lies.

I feel the turmoil and pain I’ve given away.

All the passionate fury of yesterday.

Then comes night and I’m all alone.

So far away from a place I call home.

My heart opens up and begs for change,

asking for help in changing lanes.

Sorrow comes and tears fall free, longing for a better destiny.

I feel in my soul that my prayers are heard.

I pray that they will be answered.

Come hear my prayer Lord, I will do whatever you say

for there has to be a better way.

One much more peaceful than yesterday. Amen.






A Comfort Friend by Charles Bracey

As I sit here waiting, I can see the outside gates.

Really want to go home, approaching Board; don’t know what to say.

I ask God for help every single night.

And the Lord answers, “Son you’re not blind, I gave you sight.

He said, you’re smart, humble, and eager to please.

Just keep praying, relax son, just believe.

I do nothing in a rush, He said, that’s why I had you wait.

Because patience is a virtue, and you must do it my way.

You wrote the Outreach Program like D.O.C.

Got plenty of response letters, not one, not two, but three.

Like all my disciples, Mark, Paul, Peter and John,

I sent you Ms DeAnn A.K.A. Mom,

To be kind, supportive and comfort one another.

Read your Bible, I Thess 4:18, and look no further.”



Jewels by John Fordley

Lord, I pray for your mercy and grace upon my life today

so that I may glorify you. Amen!

God knows who belongs in your life and who does not. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.

O, God, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing…then help me to remember that your love is always greater than my disappointments and your plans for my life are always better than my dreams.




Born Thorned by Jammie Hendrix

Quite true it is,

Every rose has its thorn.

Yet we all with that rose seem

To preen, to gift, to adorn.

By this hybrid (without reservation) our senses are breached.

If but for a moment (forgetting all else) for this rose we reach.

Well! I’m a rose full of thorns.

Not altogether wrong? Not altogether right?

Yet like weeds, I’m totally scorned!

Is it possible (Oh if it were possible) to clip my thorns tonight?

How might I make you understand?

The rose and I are crafted by the same hand.

I’m not trying to shift responsibility,

But thorns and roses, Pharaoh and Moses, were meant to be!

If it were my absolute choice, my friend,

I’d absolutely start over (ya know?), be born again.

Really I do desire to live righteously.

I do desire the purity of spirituality.

So if ever I find the way,

I will be born again that day.

Until then I’ll be a rose full of thorns.

Not altogether wrong? Not altogether right?

Is it possible… Oh, were it possible

…I’d clip my thorns tonight.


Dear Brothers and Sisters, can you relate? For years I tried hard to “get things right”. To make right choices. But I finally realized that my “choices” were thwarted before my birth. Through the first man, Adam, sin reigned down to all born of man. Yes, you and I were born ready to sin. Just as “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, every human being (born of man) is born with the sin inclination. However, we clip thorns from roses, freeing them.

What of human thorns?

Answer: Jesus!

“For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2).

Praise God! My thorns are clipped tonight!














































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