I’m Just a Lowly Shepherd by Rocky Froemel

I was just a lowly shepherd watching all my sheep

Warming by the fireside, while Bethlehem did sleep.

Sitting by my little flock, out on the hillside there,

I saw the brightest angel in a vision oh so rare.

Now I’m just a shepherd as lowly can be

Why didn’t this announcement come to kingly royalty?

I stood up oh so quickly, fearful of the sight,

And wondered why the joyful sound had come to me that night.

I hastened with the shepherds to see this Jesus boy,

For the angel said to fear not, bringing tidings of great joy.

When I thought about it, I knew the reason why

We shepherds heard the good news from those angels in the sky.

Jesus came to the shepherds first, for He wants us all to see

He too is the good shepherd who cares for you and me.

LOUDER THAN STEEL   by Phillip Watts

Let us come together, lift up our voice before it’s far too late

Stop all the violence, stereotypes, put an end to so much hate.

Inmates and staff hear me now – before we’re at each other’s throats.

Because “you” got over, or “you” sprayed an inmate is no reason for either to gloat.

There’s a bigger picture beyond, we all should somehow feel it,

Don’t turn away the truth before you, it’s that thing best known as a mirror

Let us join together, a force united as one.

Yet not forgetting to relax a little and find some room for fun.

I write to deliver a directive from the depth of my very soul,

So much mystery behind these prison walls of steel, oh where did all the time go

Give me a chance and I’ll eclipse any of the man made rebuttals,

I spit enough rhymes, but my wish is not to have you befuddled.

Hear me now or share it later, but don’t dismiss my speech

For there’s a multitude of others around you in which this message should reach.

Never stop branching out to help – someone always needs a hand,

Don’t listen to the foolishness around you – rise up and be your own man

Out of this concrete grows this concept that’s embedded in my head.

If we refuse to seek out solutions, the fight will soon be dead.

Is it possible to perceive the proliferation of peace?

Of course it is, and it will start with both you and me.

So tired of being stuck on the bottom, let us rise up to the top,

Put on the suit in the office and get rid of that dirty ole mop.

I write because of the message I have for all of you who’ll listen

If you refuse to adhere to my words, It’s growth you may be missing.

Knowledge not shared would be a disservice to all confined in prison,

All equal ground for those standing around is what I have as a vision.

It’s not that my thoughts are any greater than yours, only that they are different.

When you weigh it out, expand your mind, it doesn’t make you submissive.

The images I have presented are only some that you should know,

A seed that has been planted and watered is surely going to grow.

My wish is that hope will extinguish all oppression – in every sense of the word,

If you listen to nothing else I’ve said, I hope this message you heard.

In all the things you keep, with all sincerity keep on hoping,

And if one door closes, I pray you’ll anticipate two more will open.

I write, not for self alone, but simply because I must,

There’s a bond that’s built within the art, it’s that word we refer to as trust.

This is only the beginning, a platform for all that’s real,

I will make my vocals untouchable, a voice that’s louder than steel.


Blameless by David Martinez

“I need, I talk, I think, I walk”

My life, my day, my work, my play

First chance, second chance, third chance

Last laugh, my past, when I got saved

It’s in Jesus’ name, in prison I stay

Behind concrete and bars, for what I did

Wrong was using a gun,

The Judge gave the sum of 25 with no life,

I give up my rights,

And in my mind and out my mouth,

I praise the Lord and read my Word

Because Jesus heard,

I got a good break in court that day,

My Bible in my pocket, the blameless Bible

Because of God I smile, and God gave me style.


HOLD ON by Larry Sage

I just want to thank you for being here during the moments I don’t think through.

When death seems like the best option, there you are with arms wide open.

You hear my cries, you know my anguish, and comfort me with words unspoken.

My pleas are met with understanding; the answers I seek are with you,

even if it is not what I wanted to hear.

When I run away and hide my face in shame, Oh Father how I miss you!

How could I pretend I don’t want you near?

Let go, just let it go. I need to let go, why can’t I let go?

What am I holding onto? Father, hold onto me.

Please don’t let me go, no, don’t let me go!

How much longer can I live this way, caught in between my future and the chains of my past?

It hurts sometimes to feel my old self dying. I wonder how long this pain might last?

I feel your presence Lord, with me, now, in present time.

It’s like your heart is beating next to mine.

My breath is shallow now, there’s no more movement in my chest.

Lord, I believe in your Grace and Mercy and trust in you as I’m laid to rest.

The old me has died, now it’s your heart, Father, pounding out the rhythm of my existence.

No more fighting, no more hot and cold. I am yours, God!

No more resistance.

I finally let go, I had to let go. Why did it take me so long to let go?

I’m holding onto you, Father and you’re holding onto me.

I won’t let go, no, I won’t let go and I know, oh, I know you will never let me go!


Be with Me  – Song by Norman Stottmeister

Be with me through this day

Be with me through this day

Be with me, Lord, in everything I say

Be with me through this day

Be with me through this day

Be with me, Lord, in every way

In every thought I hold

In everything I do

In every word I say, my Lord

Be with me through this day

In every thought untold

In everything I do

In every word I say, my Lord

Be with me though this day

This Day by Jeremy Willis

Oh Lord, please help me make it through

This day is what I ask of You.

I feel as if I’m all alone

And like a child, even though I’m grown.

I need your comfort holding me

And your guidance I need to see.

I feel lost and need to be found,

I need to know that you’re around.

I know you are, so this I pray,

Just let me make it through this day.



By Robert Yancey

I watched the faces

And did not understand

Then, I was enlightened by

A singing hand.

The confusion slowly faded

As the clouds on a clearing day

I gladly watched the singing hand

And smiled…because now I understand.


Don’t Wait Too Long

by Fernando Zarate

I had to lose everything

In order to know my Lord

And now I will do anything

To hear His precious Word

I have suffered a great loss

In order to gain

Now I work for a wonderful boss

And loyal to Him I will remain

The Lord took me out of the pit

In which I fell

To the world I have quit

And I am no longer under the spell

The curse has been broken

Through the blood of His own Son

God has already spoken

And Christ has won.

Now Christ gives salvation

To all those who believe

This is the greatest revelation

That anyone can achieve

“Seek the Lord while He may be found”

Do not wait until tomorrow

Because you could be buried in the ground

Heading to a life of sorrow




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