A New Day – Greg “Red” Ennis

And it’s a new day

As always, you amaze me from your heart

Using line and paper and all things

To guide and comfort your child.

Your word fills my heart with light

The darkness fades with continual understanding

You restore a proper perspective

Healing my mind, damaged as it is.

My steps are strengthened

You have kept me from total destruction

The dark valley unable to keep me

Yes, Lord, I am thankful.

Each breath is your encouragement

“Push on my child”

The door is still open, despair not

Continue in what I have for you.







And I Remain Unmoved by Rocky Froemel

Lord, I have no power within myself; there is nothing I can do,

For all my strength and wisdom comes always from you.

I depend on you each day to teach me how to live, for my knowledge,

And my learning, come from your hand to give.

You reach from your throne above to hold me when I’m weak, so tune

My ears to listen, Lord, when I hear you speak.

You give to me instructions and want me now to know an archer

Needs some training on how to use his bow.

So when I’m weak, you hold me, when faint you keep me strong,

I run into your loving arms for that’s where I belong.

Your grace has been sufficient, your favor in me I’ve praised,

You’ve kept me strong in battle

And I remain unmoved.  (Gen. 49:24)



“I Won’t” by Barbara Garcia

I run my fastest

But still get beat

I land on my head

When I should be on my feet

I try to move forward

But I’m stuck in rewind

Why do you keep at it?

I won’t be left behind

The harder I’m thrown

The stronger I become

I give it my all and that’s

All that counts

Some people tell me you can’t

Some say you don’t

Some simply give up

I reply, “I won’t”

The power is here

Locked away in my mind

I won’t be left behind





Thank You by Chris Grabek

You say we are forever

You walk by my side

You keep me warm inside

Your love is like a river

Your love is like an ocean

Deep and wide, Deep and wide

Your love is like a season

That’s never cold outside

Walk with me, wait for me

It’s your hand I hold onto

To see the times you have in mind

Forgive me for my past

Help me endure

To become more like you

As you make my heart pure

As I walk with you

As I wait with you

You cloth me with Glory

Of which you spoke the story

In your Holy Word

Forever will I spend eternity

To get to know you ever more

For your love is the answer

And you’re my Lord I adore


Blissful Fool by Jammie Hendrix
Seeing nothing.  Knowing nothing.  Fearing nothing.
Cradles by…
the wave of her ocean.
Caressed by…
the vibrato of her song.
Palmed in…
the bosom of her womb.
Enveloped in…
the comfort of her swell.
Nine months of bliss.
Nine months a fool.
Nine months a blissful fool.
Seeing nothing.  Knowing nothing.  Fearing nothing.
they compel my nourisher to push! push! push!
my bliss is breached.  My cocoon crushed (and now):
I see things. I know things.  I fear things.
I see that another’s sin has reigned upon me.
I know that another’s debt is my own.
I fear that birth has become the death of me.
Lord, my Lord….come.


A Mother’s Angel Jimmie Reynolds
A mother’s angel, may be one of her own, plucked from the field to help the rest bloom.
A mother’s angel has a job of her own wiping away all her tears through the hard years of watching her children grow.
A mother’s angel you better believe has a beautiful soul.
When God designed the rose garden for some to bloom, others were plucked.

It doesn’t mean they were done away with.

Think! Even Jesus was plucked from the field so we can bloom.




Lil Champions by David Martinez

 My God that gives our lives

He blesses us like champions.

To be your seed and be seen great

And taken care of everyday.

The preachers, yes, they teach us this

That Jesus died for all our sins.

To praise our God, our Lord, our rod

And raise us up like champions

So we can grow and learn to show

And be precious just like angels.

And bless our souls, our youthful life

And push us past all our strife

And shine in our lives and smile

At all times

and if you cry it’s okay because

Through Jesus Christ you can do all things

Being one of God’s lil champions.





Battle of Redemption Michael Sampson

Clasping ahold of my dreams, trying to be a better man.

Each night I sit & ask God when will my blessings come?

When will it change?

Lost inside a system, fighting for an equal justice.

Many years beaten & bruised, lost inside this world of corruption.

A heartless soul chained down by sorrow and misery.

Taking what’s left of me, only to be slayed.

Faced with no options, left without a fight,

Soaked with a face filled with bloody tears.

I no longer wish to live.

My vision is to find a better place to be able to stand strong.

This is a battle I must conquer, a battle worth being won.

For my time of healing is not yet near,

But with these chains I begin to break free.

No longer am I accepting defeat,

For now I stand here to fight to be redeemed.



The Will of the Father – Dustin Smith

To abide in you, no matter the cost,

Without your precious love, I would be lost

I see beautiful hands carried me up,

Amazed to know, you drink my sinful cup

Filled with the Holy Spirit, a guide to follow,

No longer am I deceitful or emptied hollow

Righteousness is spelled on a higher level,

In our lives, make no room for the devil.

A course of the truth runs in my veins,

Like a noble steed, I let you take the reins.

To be at the total peace with your best intention,

Sharing the love of our newest invention

Count it all joy that you’re in control,

You took the cross freely, paid the toll.

Never expecting you to look out for me,

All I had to do was open my eyes,

Align myself to see.









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