Poem by Greg Ennis

Just for me

Just for You

His word is given

That we may understand


Which way to turn

Words of Wisdom to speak

He has given us knowledge

Of both darkness and the light


It’s all found in our hearts

His law has been written there

Consider His Love

Our choices are clear


His words were written

To give us understanding

Just for me

Just for you



Lost Love 3-2-2018 by Phillip Schwarz

My crime is between us

My sins may keep us part

Each letter brings you closer to my heart

There’s no reason to fear

I will offer my heart

Will you place it In your care

It won’t be long now

My time is near

I’ll show you I love you

And prove I am sincere




Put your Message on the Lower Shelf by Rocky Froemel


The simple fact that Jesus died,

And that He died me,

Is that too elementary for such a soul as thee?


Has higher education polluted such a mind

That one would need a scholar

A better way to find.


The gospel is for children too

Where they can read themselves.

So put those facts where they can reach

On the lower shelves.


The humanistic intellects

Have surely gone astray,

They tell the old, old story

In their Universal way.


Isn’t it enough to know

That Jesus died for me?

And if I ask forgiveness

Christ will set me free?


Christ came so that the simpleton

Can know and understand

The truth of God’s great love for them

Just as He had planned.


So put your message on the lower shelf

Where the children all can reach

So that they too may understand

When they hear you preach.





 Holy Land by David Martinez

Our Lord and angels watch over Israel.

The holiest land of all of the world.

Now the 3 wise men followed a star

To meet the new Savior of all,

Ah. I see.

In the city of David called Bethlehem

Christ the Lord is born to save the torn.

To ease the pain, to heal the lame.

Proclaim that games are lies, not real,

Re-teaching for free

and now the words in the Bible are living in me,

I get on my knees and ask the Lord

Please give me the will to always believe

and bless my new year.

My nose in the Word and saved by the light

God bless the holy land tonight.




Changed by Richard Rocha

Your forgiveness is true and You help me through;

following Your footsteps I’m learning to do.

No longer in pain, set free from my chain;

with hands lifted high, Lord, I praise Your name.

Your death set me free,

You arose on day three;

when I trust in You, faith carries me through.


Thank You, God, for all you put in my life to pave the way for me, that You are near, You’re always by my side.  I’m grateful for Your comfort in my pain and for Your peace.  Thank You, Lord.



Please Release Me by Jeremy Willis 

Please release me, these chains are so tight.

Please release me, this just isn’t right.

My feet are shackled, my hands are cuffed,

Please release me, I’ve had enough.

God, will you help me? I’ve had enough.

Please release me, I pray every night.

I know that I hurt you, through ways of my sins.

Please release me, this time I’ll win.

Through prayer and his Almighty Power,

He gave me the key.

Now I’m no longer in chains, my soul has been set free.




Our Family by Robert Yancey


Our family is a circle of strength and love

With every birth and union it grows.

Every crisis faced together

Makes the circle stronger.

Hope you understand that

Our struggles in our Godly family

Is to keep us strong in our faith.

For Those Tears I Died by Dennis Stevens

This is for those on the outside looking in; for all the kids caught in a predator’s sin.

For second-hand clothes and worn-out shoes; for that lie that we were born to lose.

For all the things which went bump in the night; for all those wrongs that never got right.

For everything stolen by Satan’s hand; for every detour not in God’s plan.

He is the Way-maker when there is no path; He is forever when we need things that last.

He is the Chain-breaker, to the lock with no key; He is the solution to what’s wrong with me.

He will restore what’s been taken away; He is words of comfort when I need Him to say.

Trust Me, I’m here for you; and all that’s twisted I want to undo.

I long to fix every break; because you’re My child, you are no one’s mistake.

Your path wasn’t easy, but it gave you depth; and I was beside you as you took every step.

I knew your hurt would one day heal; so I had to allow it, to teach you to feel.

Now that you’re ready and willing to share; go tell this world just how much I care.

Help the hurting learn to believe; and through your giving, you’ll start to receive.

Well done, My child, so dry your eyes; I love you so much…that for those tears I died.




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