Stepping Out by Allan Courtney

I had to step out in Faith so the Lord could direct my every step,

Not knowing what lies ahead of me or what to expect…

So stepping out during this journey knowing God was in control,

Amazed and blessed by all the seeds I got to sow…

The Bible says it’s better to give than receive,

I experienced this first hand as I got to display God’s love to those in need

I witnessed to the lost so they could be found

Deflecting the temptation to sin so God’s Grace continued to abound.

I pray for the sick, expecting a miracle.

All the while knowing I was fighting a battle in the realm that was spiritual.

I encourage the brethren, who suffer with feeling defeated,

Reminding them to walk in victory and only their faith was needed

Every time I opened my eyes of faith

The opportunity to step out was always near

I stepped out each time with power, love and a sound mind

Leaving no room for fear.

By faith I know I can turn the world for God upside down

It starts right where I’m at as those in need are everywhere to be found.

I’m grateful for the author and finisher of my faith that was set before me

As I continue to step out in faith

So Jesus Christ gets all the Honor, Praise and Glory!!

Oh Lord, Your Word is True

by Rocky Froemel

Therefore I trust in you

Your Word says ask and you will receive

So I ask and receive because I believe

Your Word says seek and I shall find

Thank you Lord for being so kind

Your Word says knock and the door will be opened for you

Thank you Lord that your Word is true

The Word of the Lord is full of power

It is what we need in this perilous hour

Your Word is sharp and divides between the soul and spirit

We need to have ears to hear it

Your Word is a discerner of the thoughts of the heart

In making decisions your Word is the place to start

In your Word I meditate day and night

Your Word will guide me to do what is right

The Word of God I must obey

If I expect answers when I pray

Obedience to the Word of God

Has brought my blessings

Lord you’re the potter and I’m the clay

And that’s okay

Make me, mold me after your will

As I’m yielded and still

The desire of my heart is to please you

Because you are so loving and true

Oh Lord more of you and less of me

So I can be what you created me to be

Lord I ask for and need your power

So I can fit into your plan this hour

Lord your will helps me to know

So in your ways I can flow

Lord I know there is a great need

Help me Lord to plant the seed

Lord I need to know what to do

And how to please you .  Amen




God Saved Me by Joshua Hall-Ontiveros

Today I felt the urge

To give my life back to the Lord.

“God, please save me!!”

I don’t wanna live like this anymore.

God, save me from myself.

Get me off this destructive path

‘Cause if I continue to live like this,

I’ll face nothing but Your fiery wrath.

Oh, God! Help me!

I plead with you today.

Forgive me of all my sins

And show me another way.

Heavenly Father, thank you

For accepting me as I am.

For giving me another opportunity

To be a better man.

And forever I’ll thank Thee

For saving a sinner like me.

I need you now and forever.

Thank you for calming my storm

And providing better weather

Like the day I was first born.


I’ve Wrestled by John Ross Lee

I’ve wrested with this sinful life and with my Lord above

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with angels and wrestled with your love.

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with heartaches and other things upon this earth

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with demons since the day of my birth.

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with sinners,

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with saints,

I’ve wrestled with my mind at times, until I would almost faint

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with enemies,

I’ve wrestled, Lord, with friends,

But no matter.

Now I’ll walk with you until the end


For You by David Martinez

May the Word stay clean and crisp in you

God’s bright and shining His gifts on you

What entries bring hope and brisk in you

In John 3:16 it states He’ll live in you

Use the force of God I’ll pray for you

Now the taste of life is to live

Just like Christ,

For me to recruit you. Take my hand

I’ll guide and draw you a map from my mind,

Now sample the Bible

It’s for you for survival on hills with the high roads

And do nice to all.

Yes, you stand tall



Something Else by Martin Martinez

I went from being negative and hopeless,

To focused on what matters mostest,

Life no peach cobbler or roses

Yet we still pick up our head and noses,

Will these words take ones notices

Or will they oppose us like many did with Moses

I don’t have Facebook but post this

Being loved is what I miss




No More Pain, No More Sorrow Robert Murillo

My mind tends to stumble, can’t sleep, but awake,

Lost in a daze, drifting, dwelling on troubled pain.

Why did I have to come from the life that I’ve lived,

With so much hate, so much violence, all wrong for a kid.

At times I asked myself, why am I alive?

To live through this madness that hides deep inside?

You might not tell from the man you see today,

All the pain and sorrow, all the tears I’ve shed.

You will never know all that I really do feel,

Only by what I tell you, only by what I reveal.

I tried to take my life before, this is very true,

I tried to take my life twice; blood spilled, but made it through.

I live with scars that show, everyday I look and see,

It reminds me of the death that almost took me.

You might think that I’m crazy but it was God’s mighty hand

That took that death away and today here I stand.

As a believer in Christ my faith stands strong.

Guiding me in light, away from dark that don’t belong.

Through struggle and strife, through tears and much pain,

I live it and made it, and God’s Grace I have gained.

Glory to the Lord! A lost soul you have saved.

No more pain, no more sorrow,

No more sorrow, no more pain.

Thank you, Lord, AMEN!




Gossip by Greg Prestigiacomo

My name is gossip. I have no respect for justice, or fife.

I can maim without killing, break hearts, and ruin Iives forever.

I am cunning, malicious and gather strength with age and time.

The more I am quoted the more I am believed and hated:

I flourish at every level of society. My victims are helpless against me.

They can’t protect themselves against me for I have no conscience or fear.

‘To track me down is impossible, the harder you try the more elusive I become.

I am nobody’s friend. Once I tarnish a reputation it will never be the same.

I have been ~known to topple governments, and wreck marriages.

I ruin careers and cause many sleepless nights.

I make innocent people cry into their pillows at night.

I am nobody’s friend, yet everyone speaks of me.

Once I am spoken I become a part of you, and you part of me!




If it Wasn’t for Jesus by Manny Javier

If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d still be lost

If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d still not know

If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d still be dead

If it wasn’t for Jesus, I’d still be deceived

Jesus Came, Jesus died

He was buried, He rose again

He left the Earth, into the sky

To prepare a place, For you & I

If it wasn’t for Jesus, Hell is where I belong

But now I’m in Christ Jesus, Heaven is my home



I’m A Sinful Man by Joseph Trefry

Alone in my cell with tears in my eyes,

Not knowing what will become of me.

They say I will be here for the rest of my life,

No chance of seeing friends or family.

Lord help me. I’m a sinful man.

What must I do? What is your command?

Please hold me up, please hold my hand.

Lord please help me. I’m a sinful man.

I heard a voice as clear as can be,

He said, “Change your ways and follow me,

Change who you are and I’ll make you my shining star.

Don’t worry, I still love you, a sinful man.

Because you are in my hand, there’s not much to do,

Accept my Son and We will help you through.

Be the man that We meant for you to,

Follow us and We will set you free.”

Thank you Lord, for helping me through.

Thank you Lord, I now know what to do.

Thank you Lord, for holding my hand.

Thank you Lord, I now know where to stand.

Thank you Lord, for saving me.

Thank you Lord, for setting me free.



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