Andrew Chavez: I was baptized & feel like a new man that’s searching for God’s heart!

Billy Underwood: 1yr 9mos off for coming to the firehouse, 7wks off for classes I’ve completed! Amen!

Brett Leonard: Prayers answered! Praise God & all who prayed for my new home & cellie!

David Virgo: I thank Jesus for all the wonderful blessings in my life, for taking such great care of my family, for my wonderful friend/attorney Julia, for allowing me to complete Office Services class with 7 certificates from Microsoft, for bringing my TAB scores up to 12.9 across the board & for all the wonderful brothers/sisters in Christ!

Eddie Schuyler: things here are a blessing; my studies are awesome! My sciatica is healed now! Thank you, Jesus, we have an awesome Father!

George Lane: Thank you, Lord, for D.O.C. & your perfect will coming to pass in the Lane family.

Mickey Rabaduex: I’ve prayed for 6 mos. for a work assignment, God blessed me to be a teacher’s assistant in Vocational Plumbing, praise God! Both my daughter’s families made it thru Hurricane Irma in Florida with no major damage, another answer to prayer!

Joshua Simpson: God’s been working wonders my way, he’s brought my mom closer into my life, healed my brother Bradley, helped me pass the 1st part of the G.E.D. He gives me strength everyday here. Thank the good Lord!

Keith Courtney: Brother Ralph Lopez is in HUB Classes w/me now, representing the Name Above All Names (Jesus Christ). Thank you for blessing all the saints behind these walls with the Holy Spirit driven D.O.C. team on the outside of these walls. We love you all!

Keith Parks: medical procedures all good! My heart tests, all functioning properly & my sisters surgery was a success!

Kipp McDonnell: Thank you, Holy Father, for your mercy, love & all your Blessings. Thank you, Lord, for D.O.C., Sister DeAnn & all who help keep us going. I thank you, Dear Lord God for your beloved son Jesus Christ, my Lord & savior. Amen & Amen!

Roger Lane: Mom & family moved to Oregon, bought a nice place, mom’s good health.

Ruben Rojas: brothers/sisters in Christ -stay in the Word, get fed spiritually, let your actions be your words. The Lord has blessed me to go to the MCRP program & I want to say it was His will that be done. I keep you all in my prayers.

William Hammond: Restoration of my relationship with my mother.

William Pollock: Points reduced so now have job outside the gates! Praise God!



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