Billy Jack Beach: pain from abscess was level 12 before prayer; within minutes after prayer I had no pain,! My witnessing tool to tell people of our awesome God! A caring God.

Chris Shirley: Death penalty dropped to “Life With”! Happy to be alive.

Claude Foulk Jr.: God Bless William Hammond for his support during times of trouble/grief; a prayer of thanks to Moms & D.O.C. for their prayers/comfort during my period of sorrow on the passing of my mother & uncle.

Douglas Brittain: I’m thankful for all that D.O.C. has done over the years, the unconditional love for us troubled souls, never

judging us or leaving us behind as others have done. Thank the Lord our savior for making this all a reality.

Durrell Puckett: motion was granted to hear my lawsuit so continue to pray!

Eddie Schuyler: The Lord has restored my relationship with my sister/nephews. I am very blessed!

Harold Jones: doctor finally gave the news that I can be treated for my Hep C. Hallelujah!

Jefferson Thames: I’m thankful the Lord answered my prayers by allowing me my package & letting me know I will be getting my property shortly; for all brothers/sisters waiting for answers to prayers, just have patience the Lord is working on all of them as we speak—we just can’t see it.

Jesse Munoz Jr.: My sister-in-law had her baby & everyone is healthy. Baby Josiah born 3/27/17 (7lbs 4oz).

Jonathan Miller: I spent the night praying before I went before ICC that they suspend my SHU term. They did that and I was moved to a prison closer to home. Praise God!

Kipp McDonnell: Blessed God, thank you for your love, protection; thank you father for Sister DeAnn & all our D.OC. family. Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings & thank you for your beloved Son, our Lord & Savior Jesus. All honor, praise & glory are yours, Almighty Father, forever & ever. Amen & Amen.

Mark VanLeer: Thank God for my transfer, my classes, my instructor and for Lord Jesus Christ and each new day. Thanks that the brothers see I have the ability to play the guitar on the worship team.

Ralph Lopez: I thank the Lord for blessing me w/strength, wisdom, good health, a desire to serve him, seek & honor him.

Randy Cordero: FOUR attorneys are representing me on a pro-bono basis. All God!

Ray Lewis: My kids came to visit, my sister came to visit, all made possible by God. Thank you all for the prayers.

Roger Lane: Nana’s hip replacement going perfect; for the start of Prop 57 for me & my brother & everyone under Prop 57.

William Hammond: praise God for my transfer!

I became a member in January, sponsored by Daniel Verduzco who has been through a lot of difficult times in his life. He has a very powerful testimony and I hope and pray he shares it with everyone soon. He is currently having an ongoing battle with administration. Yet this brother of ours continues to remain strong and focused. I am very proud of him. May our loving God keep nurturing and watching over Daniel. Let’s keep our young brother in prayer. God bless all.   Adrian Avila


To my friends and family at D.O.C., I want to express my complete love and devotion to our Father in heaven. Are we praying and talking to Him when we are alone? But even more, are we studying the Word and walking in Christ? We tend to study but still walk in the flesh. That’s not being a good Christian. So I challenge everyone to pray, talk, study God’s Word. He wants to hear from every one of His children. Then do something nice to someone you don’t even know. Anything. Buy someone a coffee, given someone a soup and pray with them. Tell them about Jesus and what He has done for us all. Brothers and sisters, I love you dearly. Billy Jack Beach

First and foremost, God bless you. The whole D.O.C. family is forever indebted for your amazing devotion and contributions you have graced this ministry with since day one. You are the backbone to this foundation we call D.O.C. It’s my belief that the heavenly Father has built you a real nice and spacious mansion in His kingdom for your devotion and contributions to His children and himself. Lord knows, you’re so deserving for it. You are the glue which holds us together. Honestly, I’d still be walking in darkness if it wasn’t for your counsel and your indefatigable faith in me. I send out a special thanks to the editor. Very cordially, Kendal Burton


“YES” – Prayers are answered. I was housed at H.D.S.P. for a long period of time. During those 24 years, my family took care of me. For some reason they quit and I never questioned it. 2 years had passed – no support. No toothpaste to brush my teeth or soap to bathe with. I was hard timing it and very tired. My family never wrote, I had 2 brothers 2 sisters and countless nieces and nephews and no mail. I wrote my church and they never replied. My frustrations grew to a point I fell on my knees at the foot of my bed and prayed with all my heart. The very next day, I got a letter from a lady in Alabama. She said, “Hello I’m your aunt, you never met me. Me and your uncle wanted to help you a long time ago, but your dad wouldn’t let us. My husband is your dad’s brother and would you like to correspond?” I immediately started writing. …I couldn’t help saying over and over, there is a God. 3 ½ weeks later I had $750.00 on my books. My dedication to the Lord and love for the Father is now infinite. I still write my aunt. I get tears just thinking about it. I fellowship with some of the greatest group of Christians. God will never forget a man’s heart, but use His children as a vessel to prove a point or get back on course. Kenneth McGraw


I’d like to say God Bless you always & thank you for all the good work. The letter in 3/17  issue titled “Letter from the Outside” from Brother Trever (Flanders) really touched me & showed the Power of God at work. Thank you, Trever. I love you & pray for your continued growth Ralph Lopez


I pray the whole family is in the best of health and send my love, respect, prayers and best wishes. May God bless you and give you the strength courage and divine understanding to endure whatever you are going through. DeAnn, I want to thank you for the work you do for us and the work you do for God and for teaching us how to do this work, too. I found a quote from the writer Mark Twain “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” eSo, everyone can see and hear. Thank you for this. It helps me feel like I am doing something right for a change – helping build people up instead of tearing them down. Love always, your brother in Christ, William Thiehoff


Its been a rough few months for me here, but God is good and He has helped me when I’m down and out. I can always count on Him no matter what. God has blessed me with friends who care and who pray for me and my family, and that means a lot to me. Thank you, DeAnn, and the D.O.C. family members. Prayer helps and miracles are happening everywhere throughout the world (Thank you Jesus). I just want to lift up everyone, do not give up, times are hard but don’t give up. The Lord is with all of us. Amen! Cruz Trujillo


To all my D.O.C. family, may God bless you all and your family. This road has been a long and painful journey. I started out at 12 years, 85%. It’s the most time I’ve ever seen. All my family had been very hurt and disappointed because of my actions. March of 2012 my son told me until I grow up and be a dad, he didn’t want anything to do with me. It’s been 5 years and 2 months since I’ve talked to my son. I’ve dropped my time enough that I’m eligible to go to the Fire Camp. When I get to the Camp, my time will drop to 50%. It’s all because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has given me patience through all this. I just kept my faith strong and never lost sight of my goal, always praying and fellowshipping with other brothers. So, all my D.O.C. brothers and sisters, don’t give up or stop, push to the end. God will always be with you. I wanted to quit so many times, but all of your encouragement in the newsletters kept me going. God is good. I love you all. Love Brother Art Tunstall




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