Adrian Avila: Judge granted my motion to dismiss additional time! God is Good.

Angel Vega: Thank you Nicolas McDaniels for your guidance; and Mom’s and all at D. O. C. who are God’s gift to us prisoners. My blessing to each one.

Cartez Myers: I’m a grandfather for the 4th time! God is Good!

Gabe Phillips: 12yrs praying/claiming in the name of Jesus that my youngest son come see me, 8/19 my son came to visit me! That’s the grace of God!

Jonathan Franklin: I have an awesome praise report! I found out where my ex-wife took my children, they’re in Georgia.

Joshua Simpson: my brother survived a gunshot wound to the chest ½” from his heart, he’s back home with his wife/family. Thank the good Lord for his blessing!

Keith Courtney: Our T.U.M.I. class is growing, brothers are getting saved, discipled; praise the Lord for blessing my life with brother Thomas Carlton & the Queen of my heart Margarita Abarca; I’m blessed to be with brothers Ralph, Joe, Jesus, Spencer, Anthony, Bishop, Cody, Manny, & the rest of the saints; I’m grateful for DeAnn & all her soldiers who move D.O.C. Ministry forward.

Kristy Flores: appeal was granted, to be resentenced under Prop 47. Praise God!

Mike Lane: Praise God! Roger’s charges were dropped; Mom sold her house & found the house of her dreams; God is fighting all of Roger & Mike Lane’s battles!

Nate Sierra III: To all believers in Christ: sometimes the devil can drag you down & make you believe God’s not worth your time. Believe me, brothers/sisters, your worth God’s time. God has never let me down once. I praise him!

Ralph Lopez: Thank you, Lord, for DeAnn, Tina, Trever & Alli, Michele, Edie and all the staff at D. O. C. as well as the believers who give me so much joy. Pour out your love and peace into these lives. (Back at ya, Ralph! Love you, Tina)

Robert Guerra: I was able to call my sister in Texas, praise the Lord she was not affected by the hurricane!

Thomas Hesse: Prop 57 took 23 years off my sentence!

Victor Robinson: I just got married to my wife Ashley Robinson. She is so amazing! God is good to us.


































































































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