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Praises | D O C Outreach


Allan Courtney: Thanks to all who kept me in prayer, I miss/

love you all; at county jail for trial, a long journey, divine appointments/opportunities at every turn; I thank God for the D.O.C. & the God Squad at my prison, I’m gonna continue stepping out!

Chris Shirley: I got a letter from my family that made my day! It’s been some time since I heard from them.

Dale Doebler: my mom is doing much better with her broken arm; God answers prayers. Thank you all, D.O.C.!

Dale Freeman: our Lord be glorified/justified by my marriage to Patrice; Jesus restore our commitment to Him as well as our love for one another.

David Virgo: the Lord is sending me to a prison where I will belong. Thank you, Jesus!

Francisco Carrillo: before I went to jail, my friend Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer. Once I got to prison, I received a letter from her mom telling me Tiffany was not doing so good, that the cancer was getting to her. So, a few of the brothers and I got together & prayed for Tiffany. We wrote a prayer asking Jesus to heal Tiffany & to bring her spirits up & let her know she was not alone. I recently received a letter from Tiffany. She had been contacted by her doctor to tell her that she may want a 2nd opinion because all her lab tests were coming back negative.  When she went back to her original doctor he let her know  that was true. She thanked us all for praying & to let us know God heard the prayers & answered. Her cancer is gone like it was never there. Amen, thank you, Jesus!

Jacob Romiski: Parole is putting me in a program & I have a job waiting for me after I get out & get my license, 2 actually. Everything is falling into place!

James Wolfe: I thank the Lord for everyone who contributes in making this newsletter possible; thank the Lord for his promises to those who remain faithful for we will have our reward.

Jeffrey Anderson: I received a visit with my wife! She is doing well with God on her side while He is also here with me.

Jeremy Dammann: I was baptized! Wow!! I’m actually walking the walk & I feel great.

Jose Gutierrez: recently had loop recorder surgically implanted under my skin to monitor my heartbeats. God blessed me with individuals who want to help me & treat me as a patient, not an inmate. I praise God for his sovereignty over a bureaucratic medical system.

Joshua Simpson: I finally passed the whole G.E.D. I’m really happy about that, thank the Lord!

Justin Crittenden: our Lord is with me 100% & our Lord is very, very good to me & the pain in my knee has let up some.

Kipp McDonnell: Holy Father, we offer you all honor, praise & glory. Blessed & holy is thy name, oh Lord! Thank you, Father, for your love, mercy & beloved son Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior. Blessed be God forever!

Leonard Rush: although I have lost 5.5 yrs of this temporal life, I have gained the whole world & an eternal future in the presence of our Lord!!! All the glory, honor, & praise to God!

Marcus Borges: thank you, Lord, for all you do for my family. Thank you for allowing me to forgive my ex-wife & for all she put me & my family through.

Ramiro Gonzales: daughter has 7mo old baby girl; son has 3mo old baby boy; I’m a grandpa, Praise the Lord! My other sons started writing & send drawings.

Ruben Rojas: God is good all the time, all the time God is good! What God starts, he completes. To my friends who had an impact on my life I send my regards- Augustine Blajos, Prov 18:24- Frank Beatty, Prov 17:17, Henry Ocegueda, Prov 27:17.

Thomas Carlton: I passed my G.E.D. thank you, Jesus!


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