Allan Courtney: Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a way out of temptation (1Cor 10:13) during this trip & for the ability to do the impossible by your strength/power.

Chris Lowary: Hollie’s surgery a success, removed mass between 2 discs in her back which was causing great pain. Praise God for visit this month, been 9 months.

Claude Foulk Jr.: Congratulations to Jose Gutierrez on his academic achievement & continued prayers of healing/recovery w/your heart health condition. May he apply his skills supported by faith/infused w/His word using the wisdom the Lord has given him.

James Wolfe: I give praise to the Lord for Sister DeAnn & everyone at D.O.C. Thank you, Jesus!

Jesse Mariscal; I’m so grateful for life and for our Lord to give my mother a second chance at life and that He may give me the chance to see her. Been over 13 years. Prov. 19:20 states, “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter day,” By following this we gain life wisdom. Jose Gutierrez: I give praise that I’m getting proper medical care & God blessed me w/people who love me & support me.

Karl DiTommaso: God has blessed me with my fiancé, Franchesca. I asked for her in 2003, & God brought her into my life 14yrs later. His timing is always perfect!

Lawrence Beasley: Praise for God’s Deliverance 2Sam.22- thank you, Lord, for allowing me to get 67-life, knowing that this would lead me to having the greatest relationship – Jesus as Lord of my life! Bless His Holy Name!

Manolito Javier: I thank/praise the Lord for not abandoning my children & their mom, Sally, when I became incarcerated; for Sally for being strong for our children. I thank God for his unconditional love towards me/my family.

Mark Thibodeaux: I praise God that my son Jarrett married his love, Amy, on 1/6/18!

Mike Lane: Thank you, Lord, that Roger is in a better place; thank you, Lord, you are awesome!

Ralph Lopez: Thank you, Lord for taking care of Allan and blessing me with many good brothers here.

Roger Lane: April came out of her coma & she is getting better & better; I finished a 12-step program.

William Hammond: I love to praise Jesus Christ cuz the devil lost & I’m still here. My parole date changed to 1-17-8. Praise the Lord!


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