Alan Courtney: Praise God for Jeremy stepping out in faith/complete trust for deliverance from the storm he was facing; thank you, Jesus, for bringing my answered prayer in my life!

Chris Lowary: contacted by other family, Lord provided plenty of blessings, for all the church & angels that engage with God & man on our behalf. I bless his name for all things!

Clifford Lewis: I was able to talk to my cousin who spent 26yrs in CDC, who is now a free man! One more blessing!

Dale Freeman: I’ve been endorsed to “Men’s Community Re-entry Program (MCRP). God is good!

David Ewart: Praise God I have a pacemaker! The operation was a breeze; this was all an answer to prayer!

Diana Aguilar: I had an experience with a sister that God just restored on Sunday, Praise God!

Eddie Schuyler: I want to give praise/thanks to our Lord/Savior! I had cataract surgery & I have clear vision now in my right eye, the left to be done soon. Thank you, Jesus!

Mike Lane: Lord, I praise/appreciate you, thank you for answered prayer. I was able to talk with my Mom & sister! Praise God – your mercy endures forever. Praise for who HE IS, the Great I AM! Our Lord provides plenty of blessings for all the church and angels that engage with God and man on our behalf. I bless his name for all things. (Psalms 100:4)

Jeremy Willis: Thank you, Father, for introducing me to Torn Saechoo, who’s gone above/beyond in helping me learn as much of the bible as I can before I parole.  Thank you for putting me on a yard that has a lot of D.O.C. members that have a lot of patience with me & are trying their best to help me succeed in my walk with Jesus!

Jesus Padilla: Thank you, Christ Jesus, for giving me a Christian Cellie, Torn Saechao. God is Good!

Jimmy Reynold: three months taken off my sentence because of the welding class I’m taking.  I signed off on the milestones to get the certificates instead yet God still blessed me with the milestones.  God and our Lord Jesus Christ are so very great.   Prayer answered, we hear they will allow bronze strings  for our guitars.  Again, God is great.

Kipp McDonnell: Blessed Lord, we praise you, honor you, & glorify your Holy name. Blessed & holy is the Lord our God, merciful & long-suffering is our Father. Blessed be God forever & blessed be the Lamb of God who gave his life for each of us. Blessed be God forever. Amen & Amen!

Manuel Rosales: I was blessed with a gift of money, answer to prayer!

Mark Thibodeaux: Thanks be to God that he put me on the worship team & made me the chapel clerk within just 2mos. of being at this prison! Praise God!

Thomas Carlton: I’m a cancer survivor, thank you Jesus!

Torn Saechoa: I praise Him for surrounding me with good Christian Brothers in my building and at job. Thank you Jesus!



















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