Alan Courtney: Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Mama DeAnn back safely; and for another year to be productive for the Lord.

Chris Lowary: Praise to Big Popsie! He answered my prayer for good test results for cortisol in my blood, now regular levels with no need for further testing. My Dad made the visit last month & it was wonderful! Mom is maintain with seizure meds and dementia is stable. Praise Him for answered prayer; setting up the publishing for my book and helping me seal my second.

Chris McCurdy: A Christian brother who lived next to me blessed me with hygiene I desperately needed. That was a great blessing & I am highly grateful. Praise God!

Darryl Baszt: Six men (three I am close with) baptized here 11/27 truly a blessing & honor to witness this awesome service.

David Virgo:  Praise God for 2019 and make it the greatest year of our lives. Thank you Jesus.

G Mike Lane: Praise God for answered prayer and who God is.

Gabriel Godinez: Thank God for blessing me and keeping me out of trouble and safe.

Jeremy Willis: During my 115 hearing for battery of inmate w/a deadly weapon, the Lt. listened to my side & ruled me guilty of fighting only. Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers and not being convicted for something I didn’t do.

Jim Davis: cold showers for 3 months! hot showers fixed,!

Jimmy Reynolds: For Christmas, I received a “Band in a Box” – acoustic guitar becomes electric with effects.. a cool blessing.

John Lemasters: new granddaughter Evelynn born 11/8/18, daughter Amber’s second. I got an ultrasound picture of her.

John Manning: Executive Department State of California : Therefore, I Edmund G. Brown Jr. Governor of the State of  California, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by ….do hereby commute the sentence of John Manning to a total of 25 years to life.> ….this 24th day of December, 2018. Signed Governor of California and Secretary of State.  (read his testimony in this issue).

Joseph Osterlund: just spoke with my sister & found that she & her family have begun going to church, read the bible together; I was able to lead them to the Lord with the Sinner’s prayer & believe they all received Christ! Answered prayer!

Joshua Simpson: my mom’s back in my life!

Kipp McDonnell: Thank you, Holy Father, for the amazing gift of Christ the Lord our Savior.  We glorify you most Holy name, the one and only true God. Thank you for contact with my family; it was amazing talking to them. Thank you for my new job. Lord, blessed be thy name forever!

Mark Thibodeaux: Praise God & bless the Lord that He protected me & brought me safely to my new destination

Matthew Fowler: Thank you, Lord, for coming into my life & changing my heart-sometimes I still can’t believe you picked me.

Mike Lamb: getting Hep C treatment (1/3/19, praise God!).

Phillip Schwartz: got a letter from my mom!

Roger Lane: Mom visited 12/29. It was so great; it’s been 2 ½ yrs since I last saw her. I was able to hug her & tell her how much I love her. She’ll be here to pick me up at the end of the year; I keep getting weeks off my sentence!

Simon Thornton: Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to get a hearing under SB 1437.

Theodore Sanchez: Praise/thanks that God gave me 5 lovely children & a wonderful wife; a successful single father of 14yrs with 2 older children.

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