Allan Courtney: Thank you, Jesus, for “Hep C treatment”, & for brothers that are bold for the Lord!

Arthur Tunstall: I haven’t heard from my dad for 10yrs, this year he responded to a Father’s Day card I sent! Praise God for the letter he sent back! Thank you, D.O.C. family, for all your prayers.

Chris Lowary: Answered prayers! I’m going to school for my BA in Theology. I’m blessed, thanks for the prayers/support!

Donald Lilly: My daughter graduated high school 6/15/18 & will be attending college. College is an answered prayer!

Douglas Brittain: I give him praise as he has sent me down a different path this time. I’m going home soon, & it’s such a blessing because this time my relationship with him is solid.

Francisco Carrillo: I got a job working outside the fence sanding/painting doors for CDCR, nice chunk of change!

Mike Lane: I thank the Lord. He’s working behind the scenes so Gayle Lane & her 4 boys will be together again; Thank you, Lord, for healing Mike Lane & others; thank you, Lord, for answered prayer!

James Wolfe: I thank Jesus for the joy/patience he gives me in the trials I must endure. I thank him for my brothers/sisters in Christ & every member of D.O.C. Inside/Out. I praise the Lord for all he has done in giving us the hearts to give ourselves to him in return. Thank you, Jesus!

Jay Yoder: June 12th we had water baptism on the yard for the 1st time after preparing for 4yrs to see it happen, 18 new believers baptized! Also, I’ve been blessed to continue to receive milestone credits to reduce my sentence.

Julian Paez: went to my annual & my points lowered, so waiting to go the Level 3 yard, Praise the Lord! Answered prayers, the Lord is working to restore my marriage, my mother & family member’s hearts softening toward the Lord.

Kipp McDonnell: Thank you, Holy Father, for your grace/peace/strength. For your mercy/love. We praise your Holy name & we glorify you oh Lord, our God. Amen & Amen!

Lawrence Beasley: Thank you Lord for creating me in the image of my father in heaven. Gen 1:26. Thank you for taking me from glory to glory. Let us praise God. John 1:14-18. Thank you Lord for loving me first. By His stripes I have been healed in Jesus name. Is. 5:3-5. The name Jesus has set me free! I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Phil 4:13. I am blessed with many gifts and talents to be a blessing. I will continue to daily seek first the kingdom of God. Matt 6:33. That I may more and more fall in love with my God. Thank you Lord for all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Eph 1: 3-20. Continue Lord to do what you do in my life. It is no longer I that lives but Christ lives in me. Gal 2:20. Let us praise God July 12, 2018 the courts make a decision if they should overturn my 67 to life. I believe my God has said it is finished. How great is our God.


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