Andrew Quinonez: I have been transferred to a prison close to home.

Arthur Tunstall: Been in regular contact with my dad, thank you all D.O.C. family for the prayers!

Chris Lowary: I thank God for a successful dental visit yesterday, a well-guided hand & answered prayer. I praise God for new wisdoms that come & build us stronger. I praise the Lord for my new study bible & bible dictionary that helps with clarity.

David Virgo: I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for all he does in our lives & for his wonderful love, mercy & grace.

Mike Lane: Thank you, Lord, the governor signed SB1393 & you are fighting my battles!

Javonte Alexander: 2 of my friends & 3 of my sisters are having babies in Feb. & March 2019. Now I’m going to be an uncle & a God-dad!

Jimmy Reynolds: at yard outreach 10/20/18, got to play 2 gospel songs; 11/8/18 gave personal testimony & played 3 gospel songs I wrote at Celebrate Recovery meeting.

Joseph Trefry: They took me off closed custody!

Joshua Simpson: due to Hurricane Michael’s destruction, FEMA is giving $20,000 to my parents to move & restart their once happy life in Florida. Thank you, Lord!

Manuel Rosales: I had reconstructive surgery on my right eye & my retina is intact, the Lord is awesome!

Marcus Borges: Thank you, Lord, for keeping my family safe, for your support during these times of trial, for my daughter’s decision to be part of the U.S. Armed Forces. Thank you, Lord, for everything!

Robert Haven: praise God for letting me get down to level 3yd & for my friend Pebbles getting out of prison & being able to finish her time in an alternative custody program & for Mom’s & D.O.C.

Travis Lamb: I want to give our Lord praise for making me a better person, un-hardening my heart, giving me patience & self-control.


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