Prayer Requests

Alex Gonzalez: God willing I will be graduating from Onesimus Bible College 6/7/17.

Anthony “Paul” Lopez: God bless me on my release in November, that He make a way for me & protect & guide me

Arthur Tunstall: The Lord send warring angels to fight the battles with the demons in this place; strength for me for the spiritual warfare; my son Michael.

Billy Jack Beach: healing prayers for a tooth abscess.

Claude Foulk Jr.: William Hammond continue his walk/faith in the Lord & remember to trust/believe.

Dale Freeman: Patrick, that Jesus will break the burden in his life & fill him with the Holy Spirit.

Daniel Verduzco: strength for spiritual battle ahead of me.

David Dingle: my new appeal attempt and to hear from my son and my brother.

Doug Brittain: safety, mental/physical health, safety, happiness for my wife, that she forgive me for the pain I have caused us & for not being the husband I vowed to be.

Durrell Puckett: God enlightens D.O.C. & sends more volunteers to help; lift my spirits and watch over me and for the Bible to comfort me in times of need.

Fabian Pozos: that I have the strength to put God 1st & walk in righteousness; help me to share my faith.

Harold Jones: on the list to be transferred to facility for high-risk medical treatments.

Jack Petty Jr.: peace while awaiting God’s purpose in move.

Jack Victor: level 2 for lifers may get me closer to home to see all the grandchildren I have never seen. Pray that will happen.

Jesse Mariscal: for my mom & dad and also that my daughter will one day write me.

Jesse Munoz Jr.: my beautiful wife Jill – August college classes in August to further her career.

Jim Davis: good health/prosperity for my sponsors Jim & Pattie Hoover 3Th 1:2; our warden, staff, & free staff; salvation on all yards; backsliders; men read/study the Holy Bible & fill up church attendance again; lifers/85%/3rd strike get 2nd chance; my son & grandkids; healing prayers for all my health issues; Jesus is coming back soon! Amen!!

Joshua Simpson: daughter Desiree needs prayer, out of control, needs her dad.

Karl DiTommaso: denied 5yrs, prayers for my family as they are taking it hard. Lift Pastor Laura Jones in prayer; my mom, grandma and daughters.

Kipp McDonnell: Holy Father, we praise & glorify your Holy name. Lord, bless our D.O.C. family. Keep us all close to your heart, hold us in your arms & lead us according to your Holy Will. In Jesus Holy name we pray, Amen!

Lamare Cole: my mom relapsed, prayers for recovery, healing, strength, & a calm spirit in her life; bind the devil & all his lies in my family; for me/my family.

Lee Konnerth: Watch over my Father/sister & guide them in restoring their relationship after 4yrs; keep Angie Arellano happy/focused; allow me the strength to handle the changes.

Manuel Rosales: prayer for Gary & me.

Maurice Robinson: Our Heavenly Father we come to you with open arms and a clear hope to understand the laws that you have set for us, we need your guidance and your strength to overcome the problems that we face each day. Thank you, Father, show us your grace. Deliver us from the daily sins and allow us forgiveness for our path. In your name we pray. Amen. Please read the book of Acts this month and write in about what you liked about what Paul wrote.

Ralph Lopez: the brothers here in T.U.M.I., as well as blessings on my cellie & his family.

Ramiro Gonzalez: sobriety and control for Rafael so he never comes to prison.

Rebecca Taylor: I go to board 6/15; my best friend Jennifer goes to board 8/8; please pray for us.

Robert Flores: healing prayers for my mother, who fell & hurt her neck/back; for my daughter who was diagnosed w/lupus.

Roger Lane: Continued good health for my mother; wisdom for George Lane & our lawyer; Prop 57 favor; peace in Jerusalem.

Thomas Hernandez: a room for the Living Spirit Ministry to have services & preach the word   CONTINUED NEXT PAGE

William Estes: employment for my Mom, Robin. She has very good skills and background.

William Hammond: Claude Foulk to trust the Lord and stay in the Word & for his heart to heal from all his losses.

William Pollock: healing prayers for a staph infection.

William Thiehoff: Give DeAnn and all D. O. C. strength to overcome obstacles; knowledge and wisdom to continue your work and help non-believers to see the divine light & come home to you. Plz look after sponsor Jefferson Thames -I love and pray for him. In your most powerful name. Amen

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