Prayer Requests

Chris Lowary: to get back into college.

Francisco Carrillo: keep Alibi & Adrain Carrillo in prayer.

George Lane: salvation/healing for April; His wonderful plan for Roger/Mike Lanes lives.

Greg Prestigiacomo: all homeless find a way to get back into the workforce & place to live & regular meals; bring comfort to all service members away from their home.

Jacob Romiski: my mom is very sick with heart disease, God’s will and comfort.

Joe Ortiz: Jeanine diagnosed with lung cancer – she is my 2nd Mom – God’s will, healing, comfort for her and all who love her.

Joshua Simpson: I take my last G.E.D. test next week; encouragement/comfort for my mother, who has a tough time this time of year.

Justin Crittenden: my safety; healing prayers for my knee, relief from the pain.

Karl DiTommaso: healing for my 90yr old grandma who fell, received 8 stiches.

Kelly Lindsey: healing prayers for my ear; that I go to a good prison; Darryl & Mark to get better; everyone at & with D.O.C.

Kipp McDonnell: Mighty God our Father, holy is thy name. Guide us, oh Lord, in your perfect & holy will. Thank you, dear Lord, for D.O.C. & all its members. I ask for your blessings on all our family. Lord I ask for your guidance in these coming transfers. Lead us in your perfect & holy will. Thank you Lord for hearing you children. A special thanks to Brothers Teddy & Trever for your work & help for Mom’s. In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen!

Lawrence Beasley: stand with me in prayer that the Lord will fully restore my brain, bring me peace/comfort & have His way in my life.

Robert Rivera: haven’t heard from my family in a long time, pray protection for them & peace for me.

Robert Villa: open my sister’s heart/mind to the word & watch over my family.

Robert Yancey: my grandma, she is 84 years old & struggles with her health.

Roger Lane: healing of my niece April who was hit by a car. Continue good health for my mom. Prop 57 releases my brother, Mike and me.

Shane Vaughn; St. Jude’s children/staff/plant a seed; starving abandoned kids everywhere;

William Hammond: to continue to trust & believe in the Lord and for blessings for good health and happiness when released. Stay in the Word and remember Romans 1:16.; for James Carroll, continued success in TUMI & spreading the gospel & setting an example for others; healing for Jose Gutierrez & full recovery from heart & health issues & blessings for you in maintaining faith in the Lord. Be an example for others to follow. Continued success in all your education studies.

Zac Haynes Hallelujah: wife Amelia, sons, Malachi and Aaron , daughters, Sarah & Elizabeth to continue to be transformed by Jesus Christ.


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