Prayer Requests


Duke Walker’s much loved father,

Charles E. Walker,

went home to the Lord 3/26/19

“R.I.P. Dad, I love you!”



Alan Courtney: God’s love/grace for Matthew’s mom, complete healing/deliverance for her health/addiction problems.

Alfredo Mendez: forgiveness from my daughter & her mother for disappearing from their lives, restoration of my family.

Alonzo Armstrong: my heart is broken. 6yr old daughter Lonnie has been given 6 months to live. Brain cancer has returned & spread to her spine. I know God has the last say, so I’m praying. Please join me in praying that God extends her life just like he did Hezikiah. (if this doesn’t bring out the prayer warriors in D.O.C. I don’t know what will! God Bless this baby with perfect health- Tina)

Angel Ponce: Suzette & Martha’s family problems/health/to come closer to the Lord; the Lord to strengthen the love between Suzette/me; my strength to endure & strengthen my walk/faith.

Barbara Garcia: sister diagnosed with Lupus & she’s pregnant.

Brandon Andrade: peace for me; my family to contact me soon.

Chris Lowary: I ask for God to destroy the hold that demons have on parts of the church, for D.O.C. & our families to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (2Peter 3:18)

Kevin Canfield: to be sent to a decent yard with some other brothers.

Dale Doebler: broken nose, surgery soon, prayer for quick recovery.

Darrin Nelson: staying power and discipline to attend groups, hang around with positive people.

Darryl Baszt: God, move the leaders of the chapel on this yard with God’s knowledge/wisdom/discernment.

Dennis Stevens: Salvation for Michael Joyner. that my conversation with Michael Joyner will bear fruit, bless him/his family.

Mike Lane: Strength and healing for Gregg Harris, Gayle Lane and Mark Lane hearts and bodies. God’s will come to pass for all D. O. C. and for the Lane family. Salvation for Scott, Cindy, Adam, Tiffany and Samuel.

James Anderson Sr.: My daughter paroled, pray that I hear from her soon.

Jesus Padilla: Lord Jesus, I pray for brother Jeremy Willis, that you continue to work in him as he approaches his out date;  the D.O.C. family; Brother Ralph Lopez whom we haven’t heard from in a while; abortions to  stop as every life is precious; may Christ continue to work in my life & also for my family.

Jimmy Reynolds: salvation for my family & that I hear from them & know they are ok/blessed; that my spiritual family be blessed/strengthened.

Kipp McDonnell: Holy father, blessed & mighty is thy name. Merciful father, I pray your guidance for commutations, your healing touch for our family’s brother-in-law Peter’s back, sister Jamie’s body from recent car crash, & for all our D.O.C. family ;bro’s Richy M, John Manning, James McDowell, all of them & may you rain down joy overflowing on our beloved sister, mom, friend, mentor, DeAnn. In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen & Amen.

Manuel Rosales: keep us in prayer for the water contamination here to clear up.

Meilton Rualizo: programmers here to stay the course as there are many changes in this facility.

Nate Sierra: Please hear my prayer Dear Lord, forgive me for taking a life – take me instead and give Priscilla full life.

Nikko Quarles: I feel so far from God, lost & lonely.

Paul Turknett: Salvation for my niece & her family as well as deliverance from drugs.

Phoenix Kralovetz: healing/strength/comfort for my stepfather.

Rafael Pena: Holy Spirit breaks thru these hearts of stone & make them hearts of flesh.

Robert Guerra: a good job for my sister; my sister Malena to visit; healing prayers for my back pain.

Simon Thornton: SB 1437 application/court will be resolved into a vacating of my current sentence, allowing me to be released to take care of my family.

Thomas Carlton: Jeremy Dammann, going home 6/22/19- prayers for him & healing prayers for his girl; for my children.

Torn Saechao: my Brothers in Christ – encourage one another and grow in unity and love – be filled with the Holy Spirit. Strong physical health for DeAnn aka Moms. Amen

William Barnes: all my sponsees – I pray you are well and growing in Christ.

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