Prayer Requests

Augustine Blajos: my mother’s faith strengthens; healing for my Pops & mold him into a God-fearing man; strength & open eyes for my brother/sisters.

Bradley Quinby: my Grandmother Barbara, Auntie Teresa & Auntie Kathy: failing vision, severe hernia, and major heart attack can be traumatic, yet the love/sacrifice of Jesus Christ surpasses all!

Chris Lowary: Hollie recover from back surgery swiftly; safe passage for dad’s visit with me, that we confront new business ideas & they prosper; my cellmate’s business ideas prosper; brothers on the yard to unite/grow together; for mom’s dementia.

Claude Foulk Jr.: William Hammond trust/believe the Holy Spirit for guidance/direction in all things & be strong/patient when problems/temptation develop. His God-given strength/ability to overcome adversity will enable him to receive all of God’s blessings that He has reserved for him.

Courtney Allen: my brother’s salvation/perfection; Elizabeth’s marriage & faith; Suerga’s family & Rita’s safe trip to next destination.

Cruz Trujillo: getting out in June, prayer for my family & me to stay positive.

Daniel Cobarrubias: plz continue to pray for my daughter Danielle & my mom, Ofelia.

Daniel Eynon: comfort/strength for my mother who recently lost her only brother to cancer, she has fallen ill herself.

David Smith: after 32.5yrs, my brother Rick got a parole date; pray the Lord guide his path & lead his way on his journey to be a productive member of society. Amen

Donald Lilly: strength, courage & surrender for the men in our church here.

Eddie Schuyler: hernia surgery soon, keep me in prayer.

Frank Beatty: Lord, be with Ruben Rojas out there, keep him/bless him, uphold him w/your generous spirit, supply every one of his needs. Lord, let your Shalom be w/him.

James Wolfe: bless Sister DeAnn, Lord. We know that the dead were raised to life, so a minor sickness is nothing to the Creator of All Things. I pray for more courage for all the brothers/sisters who continue to submit messages that build upon each other’s’ faith, for we know Lord, that it is by your word that we are able to grow into the men/women that your will would have us be. I pray these things in the precious name of your only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jerome Pittman: worried about my 98yr old mom, don’t know if she’s sick or well; receive a letter or hear from my family.

Jesus Mariscal: to stay out of trouble & things work out.

Jimie Adkison, Jr.: relocate to be near family.

John Manning: Lord God, I know you are in control of all things. Please direct/guide Governor Brown in his decisions for I know you are able to see our needs. In Christ Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Jonathan Harris: my 2 boys & their mother & me.

Jose Gutierrez: get support for my goal of starting a group that is Christ-based; God bless Claude Foulk’s health, safety & we may reunite!

Justin Crittenden: my upcoming surgery on my knee, my kidneys are shutting down & I have lots of stress; my mom & cousin are sick & in the hospital; for my wife, step kids & Grandma.

Karl DiTommaso: I thank God for blessing me with the most beautiful Christian woman ever & that he continue to bless our relationship & guide us in his grace/mercy/will; bless our future marriage, let us live a Christian life giving all glory/honor to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Lamonae Brown: to have word from my wife or kids.

Lawrence Beasley: God’s perfect blessings fall on His children, Lord give us what we need; lead us to do your will & glorify your Holy name.

Manolito Javier: restoration of relationships with my children & their mom; God pour his anointing on the evangelism on this yard; good health, strength, long life, & spiritual blessings for my mother.

Mark Thibodeaux: salvation for my family who don’t know Christ yet; a college professorship for my son Jarrett.

Mike Lane: Lord draw those who have been blinded/deceived by false religions into relationship with Jesus Christ; Gayle Lane & her 4 boys to be together all at the same time in the same place.

Randy Castle: that Lourdes will not have to go through another trial.

Rocky Froemel: Dear Father, you are good & your ways are perfect & above our own; you deserve our obedience/worship. You are our teacher/authority. I ask you to humble us today when we choose our way over yours. Use our prideful moments to teach/redirect us. Show us your goodness/mercy is more important than our desires. Father, provide us encouragement to seek your good/upright way. We thank you for your care, instruction & concern each step of our lives. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Roger Lane: continued good health for the Lane family, Prop 57 releases for Mike & Roger Lane & everyone that has anything to do with Prop 57; my brother Mike’s appeal.

Sergio Lara: my daughter Angelica, my mother & me.

Shane Vaughn: my mom, grandma & kids to be safe & in good health.

William Hammond: for all bros’/sis’s who deal w/the devil every day, you can beat him! 1Cor. 10:13 Amen.


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