Prayer Requests

Alan Courtney: contact with my son; hedge of protection for brothers Matthew & Spencer; stir up the body of Christ here to go forth & evangelize with boldness; brother Ralph Lopez be safe & to overcome any defeat/temptation sent by Satan.

Alejandro Reyes: everything goes well on my new yard, that I do right & study the word of our Jesus Christ to find a better life & peace.

Alfred Aguilar: 1yr left of 20yr sentence & I’m really feeling it, need prayer for self; pray for my mom. Her liver is failing.

Angel Ponce: healing prayers for my wife; my mother in law.

Anthony Coffaney: my son going through rehab.

Chris Lowary: my mom’s dementia; God help me with my books, memory retention and ability to work without hindrance from medication. Join us from 4:00 -5:00 evening prayers for all things in prison.

Dale Doebler: me, my family, Peggy, Karin (car wreck), Justin, Kirk, Joe, Glenn, Jerome & Joe.

David Martinez: new out date for my dad; pregnant sister; my mom & her boyfriend; my brothers & their wives; children in my family; paternity test for me/my daughter to be granted.

David Smith: healing prayers for my neck; prayers for us here.

David Virgo: Healing spirit of God for Aunt Eula Marriott; comfort for Uncle Vern and cousin Suzie and brother Kenny

Demetrius Cole: new law to pass in January; pray for me.

Eddie Schuyler: healing of cataract impairing vision;

Ellis Chen: pen pals and visitors.

G Mike Lane: believers in prison to get relief with Senate Bill 1393; appeal arguments including mine, and strength for Gayle and Mark Lane’s hearts and bodies.

Gabe Galarneau: a good outcome in the search for my mom.

Gabriel Godinez: I make my release date and that the DA doesn’t pick up my in-prison sale’s case that’s pending toxicology report. May God have mercy on me and make it go away, pray for me to stay strong so I don’t go back to my old ways after 6 years in SHU my last term.

Isaac Luna: wisdom for doctors and healing for my Mom – hole in her intestine and needs surgery.

Jason Dingler: give me the mind of Christ; people stop believing lies about me; salvation for my family & reconciliation;

I do my best to persevere.

Jeffrey Anderson: God’s provision for my wife; contact from my son; strength to exercise, diet & in my walk with Him.

Jeremy Willis: strength to continue dealing with something I was falsely accused of & I get out of SHU.

Jim Davis: the protection of Israel, peace in Jerusalem & win the Jews to the salvation of Jesus; all overdue lifers for dates/parole in lower levels; warden & associate warden, free staff & all inmates; bless us with a food sale for 2019.

Jimmy Reynolds: Louie to receive Christ Jesus if he has not.

John Fordley: My Prayer for All. God, give our eyes the inner sight to see the world and men/women aright, to find the good, the true, and the fair in everyone everywhere. God, give our ears the power to hear the still small voice so strong and clear that speaks of truth, Lord, and tells our souls, to gain the Spirit’s shining goal. God, please give our hearts that inner peace, the strength, the purity, and the grace, Lord, so in earth’s path where duty leads, we’ll follow, God, outside the creeds.  Amen

Jonathan Harris: the church leadership on our yard.

Kevin Lattanaphom:  fast recovery for my father – heart surgery; my daughter going to China to teach English; prison reform & 2nd chances for youth offenders; that I grow in the faith & understanding; the heart for love & kindness toward others; to be bold/preach the words according to our Heavenly Father’s will.

Kip McDonnell: Mighty & holy God, blessed be the Lord our God & blessed be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Lord, I pray thy love & mercy upon each of us, your children of D.O.C. & for all our families-draw them unto you Father, saving them from themselves. Blessings for dearest DeAnn (& all she is to each of us), & all our D.O.C. staff, families & friends. This New Year may your will be done in all our lives. In Jesus name, we pray, amen & amen!

Kirk Galvin: blessings for all the yards here; bless all members of D.O.C. May everyone be protected by the holy angels.

Manuel Rosales: my spiritual, physical, and financial needs may be met in God’s will, knowing that times are hard out there, may God bless us all.

Mark Thibodeaux: peace, strength, guidance, wisdom, love to faithfully fulfill his mission for my life here; love, mercy & peace over my family/friends in Cali & Washington states.

Matthew Fowler: financial help for my wife with the burden I left for her

Mike Lamb: may I be one of non-violent offenders getting out this year

Nate Sierra: healing and strength for Nina

Paul Turknett: a sister in Christ, Heidi, whose father has fallen away from the faith.

Phillip Watts: Strength/comfort for my family & me at the death of my nephew.

Raymond Bassett: family forgiveness/reconciliation; healing from cancer.

Robert Guerra: a job for my sister Malena; relief and healing for my back pain.

Roger Lane: continued good health for the Lane family & for Mike’s release on his appeal; the Lanes to be back together & Prop 57 releases for me & Mike; the SB Bills to get Mike out.

Simon Thornton: a second chance under SB 1147; healing prayers for my mom.

Theodore Sanchez: restoration of my marriage/communication with my 2 younger daughters; God provide a church home for my family & a Christian education; safety/protection for my family/myself; government prison reform to benefit my early release from custody.

Thomas Carlton: my grades for second course in Biblical Studies be as high as the first course.

Thomas Hernandez: a radio to hear the T.V. and I don’t get moved again to another prison.

Valerie Bolden: Pray for favor, we’re all hearing the new governor is all about prison reform.

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