David Johnston :his book “In A Flash –Up From the Deep”– can be purchased on Amazon!  Support your D. O. C. family – tell others about his book.

Douglas Brittain: Completed Vocational Computer literacy course as well as the Advanced Microsoft literacy Certification Course. Competed GOGI Anger Management Course and Keeping the peace.

Durrell Puckett: I completed my 1st bible course at Gospel Echoes Team Assn. Inc.

Mark Campisi: I’ve 100% completely surrendered & given my whole life over to God & I’ve now been baptized.

Mark VanLeer: Certificate of Completion MS Windows!

Omar Casillas: TUMI 3.5 GP! Also AVP completion.

Roberto Sevilla:  Semester is winding down, averaging “Man 105” (A), “Man” 06 (A) “Bus 105” (B).

William Hammond: Praise Jesus I passed the 1st course Christ For Me, with A’s & B’s.

Zac Haynes: At my recent graduation I gave this speech: I’m grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate that a guy like me, a prison inmate who is willing to learn & to be literally transformed & rehabilitated by education, wisdom, understanding, & the knowledge of the truth. If a guy like me can be successfully focused on this goal, then others can have the same success. A popular proverb says, “Get all the wisdom & understanding that you can”. A similar proverb says, “When you get knowledge with understanding, always remember it”. I’m thankful to CDC for helping with this. Thankful for family support. And I thank God.



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