Fred Harrington: College courses are A’s so far!

Geronimo Lopez: to my beloved brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus who so humbly give their love/time in volunteering to help out our precious Sister DeAnn in her D.O.C. ministry, who has uplifted & continues to do so, or hearts with joy & gladness, with God’s spoken words that give us hope/comfort we so much need. Thank you, saints & God bless you & your loved ones forever.

James Carroll: I’m in T.U.M.I. & so far received A- in module 6, B in module 5 & C in Fight the Good Fight.

Mike Lane: I’m in 2 school programs, Life Healing Choices & Truth Project, Church Services, AA, 3 bible studies by mail, & soon to be in Celebrate Recovery. Praise God!


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