Alan Courtney: “A”s in all my T.U.M.I. modules. Anthony for continuing to take on assignments from God, regardless of the extra time, effort, or discomfort.

Mike Lane: High School Graduation gives me 6 months off my sentence, and CASA test 2 more weeks.

Jesus Padilla:  finished T.U.M.I. module 9!

Kipp McDonnell: finished 7months as the NA facilitator & 9months of P.O.W.E.R. ( 4 mos as facilitator). Praise God! He is good, all the time! Amen.

Mark VanLeer: I just completed Victim’s Awareness Program

Thomas Carlton: passed my statistics final, thank you Jesus! Passed with a high “C”.


These are the only D. O. C. members with brags???  Really???

What are the rest of you doing all day?  Editor  J


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