Error Correction- April Issue ‘Recognition’: Our apologies!

Steven Wolfe should be Steven Waters: I received my 1st “B” in Management/Supervision, an “A” in Small Business Mgmt./Entrepreneurship from Coastline (3.83 GPA).


Solano Prison – Level 2! Congratulations on your love and generosity for The Father’s House Food Drive. Over $3000.00 in food, cash and handmade items. WOW!


Daniel Eynon: got my GED finally, thank you, Jesus! Also, got Board date in 2023, I was facing life! See what God’s doing? Love you, DeAnn & D.O.C. family.

Kendall Burton: Received ECS certificate 3/13/18!

Patrick Czaja: I passed the State Exam & on 4/7/18, I& now am a qualified, bonafide, certified AOD Counselor with the CADTP.

Steven Waters: peers promoted him to be the ‘M’ leader in Celebrate Recovery Inside! Over 60 men participating.



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