Kendall Burton: certificates for “Men Who Met The Master” & “Greatest Man Alive” courses – ECS Prison Ministry.

Omar Casillas: Certificates for successfully completed – the General Facilities Maintenance/Repair Orientation; the study of TPC Unit No. 361 BF Introduction to Carpentry, TPC Unit No. 352 BE Constructing the Building Shell; Healing Dialogue/Action Victim Awareness Course.

Mike Lane: 4 weeks of milestones for 10 credits in English toward my High School diploma, 5 credits in Basic English; completed 13 more weeks of the Truth Project.

Phoenix Kralovetz: finished my AVP class

Greg Prestigiacomo: completed college course ECE 153!

Thomas Carlton: G.E.D. graduation on 8/14/18. Thank you, Jesus!

Dave Roybal: Certificate of Advancement : ACP program.


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