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Testimonies | D O C Outreach


Diana Aguilar: I’m so grateful to read all your praise reports and blessings that our Savior has done in your lives. He is so awesome and I love Him so much. I’ve been going through the fire with spiritual warfare, battling with my mind. The victories are won or lost in our minds, brothers and sisters. Then there’s this – whether the thoughts come from us, the Lord, or the enemy? I’ve been asking the Lord to help me discern these things and, because I come from such a pessimistic outlook due to 26 years of drugs and abuse and abusing my own mind, it’s been a battle for me. For me, being in and out of prison all my life,[ now 39 with a 17 year/80% sentence] I’m believing in God to reduce; there is no turning back. I could be dead in my sins, a longer term, lose my mind completely- if it wasn’t for the Lord’s love, and grace and mercy. As I make it an intentional effort to think in Godly terms and renew my mind with the Word of God, usher in our Christian services 4 times a week, fellowship with my sisters in Christ in prayer, try to walk in obedience as I know I should, my mind is progressively getting better. I literally ask God to help me think and feel – to make all my decisions. Remember our trials and adversities are our advantages to push us closer to the Lord to depend on Him for everything. Remember not to idolize people, places, or things anymore. I pray for the Lord to make my heart right for Him, for my kids, for my husband to be, and those that the Lord has put in my life and path for His glory.


Brian Borghette: I want to learn about God, change my life and give my life to God. I have done wrong in my life and want nothing more than to change my ways. I’ve been reading the Daily Bread every day. Going to church and also NA/AA groups. I’m also going to Criminal Thinking twice a week. I’m done with drugs and the fast life. All I want to do is be a good father and have a family. I want nothing more in life. I’m hoping that God can help me change my ways. I’ve heard great things from my bunkie about D.O.C. and how it helps him. I want that.


Paul Downing: Before I consecrated my life to God and His only begotten Son, Jesus, I lived deep in sin. Before January 8, 2014, when I gave my whole life to Jesus, I did horrible acts of a sinful nature to others and to those who were kind to me, plus those who loved me. As a result, I have been sentenced to prison 25 years to life under the 3 strikes law; served 23 years. When I was baptized in prison I began to walk and follow the example of Jesus, and be His humble servant and devote my life to God.


Daniel Galindo: I was in AD/SEG in county jail with my windows covered, waiting for my shower. The deputies keep trying to talk to me but I didn’t listen. But I hear one voice loud and clear; a voice I never heard before. For some unknown reason I obeyed without thought or delay. “Uncover your windows and just keep quiet.” Wow, 7 small words but so powerful. I do as I’m told and no more than 2 minutes later a deputy does a walk and says, “What’s up? You okay?” I say, “I just want my shower.” He doesn’t question, gets on his radio and tells the control to open my and he walks away. Wow, this voice showed me how wise, knowing, powerful and loving in 7 words –  to trust His voice. It will be the start of all doors opening for me and for all who listen and obey. So listen for His voice. It will come if we listen for God’s voice.


Leroy Jones:  [Editor: Welcome to the family.  Let us know how God is growing you. Read your Bible every day and pray all the time. (have a conversation with our Lord in your head all day long – find things to thank Him for.)}


Robert Murillo: My path has been set for me. My walk as a Christian and soldier for Christ is, and has been, the most powerful walk I’ve ever walked and done for myself. It’s not easy. Temptation of old ways is always around us. Through prayer and faith we have the power to stay away from that temptation. Proverbs 19:20 states, “Listen to counsel, and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.” By following this we gain the wisdom to receive the instruction as written of our Lord in Heaven to stray away from temptation. Why I say this is because the other day someone from my past came to me with drugs., knowing I used to party before I found the Lord. He asked me to get high with him. I kindly told him, “No, that I live for the Lord now. “He looked at me and said, “You’’re a joke. And walked off. Temptation is in front of my eyes, yet I prayed for him. I could have easily lost my release date if I had taken the drugs. But thanks to the power of our Lord, I didn’t and I will be going home in 46 days from today. Amen.

Thank you DeAnn, brothers and sisters in Christ, and D.O.C. for all you do. Blessings to all in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Julian Paez: When I met my wife in 2007, she didn’t know Jesus and, truthfully, I didn’t know Him. But I had been to church occasionally, so on a whim I suggested that she start reading the Bible. She took me up on that challenge and slowly started discovering Him through the scriptures as I stood idly by. Our life was not good and I kept searching for peace everywhere but in God. After we were married in 2011, and had our first son, she convinced me to start reading the Bible with her. I started learning the words of the Bible but not applying the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus’ salvation to my life. After many foolish and terrible decisions, I was arrested and fought a long case, and was sentenced to 26 years. Through God’s pure grace and love, mercy and kindness, He has kept me safe and He’s kept my marriage and family whole and strong. My wife and I were lead through this trial to give our lives to Christ and devote ourselves to teaching our children His ways from the Word. Recently my time of parole was cut down to 13 years from 26. Praise the Lord for His eternal grace and love toward men who are undeserving. “Oh that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men, for He has broken the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron in to.” Ps 102:15-16


Bradley Quinby:  [Editor: Welcome to the family! Let us know how God is growing you!  Read your Bible every day and pray all the time. (have a conversation with our Lord in your head all day long – find things to thank Him for.)]


David Statham: baptized when I was ten I’ve always known about God, but I never really knew God until now. I’ve had a problem with drugs, but I know Jesus can help me. My wife is still in the world. I have four kids who are safe with my sister, and I know my God can restore us. I’m about to get out, but the whole time I’ve been in prison, the Lord has protected and provided for me. I want to do God’s will when I get out and I want to be a better father to my children. I know the best way to accomplish this is with my loving Heavenly Father. I know I should be dead from the life I’ve lived. In 2016 I was in a major car accident and I was put on a life-flight. Doctors at the hospital told me I had a mild traumatic brain injury from my head breaking the windshield. I didn’t have a seatbelt on, and the doctor said my brain hit the front of my skull, the back of my skull, and then the front again. My whole personality changed, but now by the grace of God, I’m back to normal. My journey has led me to D.O.C., so I appreciate any assistance in the development of my spiritual growth. God bless you in Jesus’ name. Amen.


William Timms: Before I came to accept Christ, I thought what I was doing was good and helping people with the checks I was writing. Boy, was I wrong! When I was arrested, I blamed God. Nov. 10, 2014, a friend asked me to go to church and my whole life changed. I accepted Christ into my life and since, doors have opened that I never thought would. God has brought Christian and loving people into my life who want to help me continue to grow and walk with Jesus. Thank you so much for being one of those people. You are all a true blessing!


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