Diego Abrego: I met an Army Ranger who not only defends my country when I’m asleep, but has this most amazing attitude about life and always makes me laugh. I prayed the night before he arrived to my cell that I would meet someone with ambition and a drive, and God heard my prayer.


Daniel Andrick: I asked Jesus to enter my heart at the age of 14. A crossing guard by the name of Nancy, asked me if I wanted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I accepted her invitation, together we recited the Lords prayer. My salvation with Christ had finally begun. At the same time, the devil began to began to mess with my life. I went through juvenile hall, jails, prison and state hospitals. I know God is with me because he always releases me from these dark places. “God is good and worthy to be praised”. My Christian brother, Randy has been a true blessing in Christ for me. Like Saul who was converted and became Paul, Randy has been that miracle in my life. I pray for your ministry, asking God to for fill all your needs, I rejoice to know there are many Christians. I close by saying God bless you all and the name of Jesus. I look forward to seeing you all in heaven.


Juan Avila: My purpose and destiny is to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My mind and heart didn’t always think this way. I was blinded by my pride and at one point refused to have anything to do with God and church. In my distorted belief, I always thought that Christians were boring and weak, when in reality I was the weak one who found the fake happiness that you need to drink or smoke in order to really feel it. But like most of the devil’s lies, you end up the next day feeling worse and wanting more until you are a full blown addict.  This is the devil’s favorite game to make God’s creation feel good while they self-destruct. But all is not lost. Sometimes when you are stuck in Satan’s web and begin to fight for your life, a strong breeze comes along and shakes the web in a violent motion so you can get away and get a second chance at life. God’s breeze is a saving grace most men can’t see but they believe it exists because they feel it. In prison I have seen God’s miracles in my life and others. I feel His presence everyday He allows me to live.


Oscar Bon:  I was baptized in the holy spirt at my mother’s house.  I experienced the evidence on talking in tongues.  Since then, my life has not been the same.  God adopted me into His family.  He blessed me with many spiritual gifts, to experience visions, dreams and predictions of the future.  Although I ran away from Him like the prophet Jonah, He kept me safe in the midst of the dangers of gang violence.  Now in prison I have recommitted my life to follow God in obedience.  I am now taking college classes to receive my associates in theology and I am functioning as a minister on the yard.  I am presently writing a book on prophetic biblical teachings.


Thomas Holcomb: While in a 106 degree temp, I can still recall as clear as day my mother’s words and her peaceful tone. “I’m going to teach you how to pray”.  The prayer was, ‘now I lay me down to sleep…the year was 1963 and I was ill with rheumatic fever and told I was not in the best of shape and Jesus may be taking me in the night. She assured me that Jesus was the most wonderful man and powerful God in all the universe and if she wasn’t there when I opened my eyes in the morning, that she would be there in time and Heaven is our real home.

It is a wonderful God we serve.  He not only answered Mom’s prayers that night, He’s been answering mine for 60 years and 33 of them behind bars.  I can honestly say I have never been a free’er man in my life than serving Life Without Parole for Jesus! I sing of His glory in the Chapel every Sunday and talk to everyone about His miracles in my life. He has stopped bullets, removed demon’, restored my son’s breath and beating heart in my arms, held bulging herniated discs in my back over night, restored hope to the hopeless and faith to those who have forgotten the miracles that he has done in their lives. By the songs He’s given me to write and sing out loud on this prison yard every day, I can get out of this cell and on the prison T. V. for thousands of men every day.  “You” who are reading this are the reason God answered my mom’s prayers back in 1963. “You”  are that important to Jesus! And I am so honored to tell each and every one of you I love you for being the blessings God has kept me here to sing about.


Craig Miller: I am a new believer so my testimony is short. This is all very new to me. One thing I do know is that I want to be a better man and not to sin any more. I believe that this new relationship with God is and will be my only way to salvation from my old life of sin. One thing I have noticed since surrendering my heart to God. He has softened it. I lived a long time with a hardened heart full of anger that has lessened every day since reading the Word and surrendering my heart to him.


Russell Wegner: My fall was due to me taking my eyes off my Savior and His path and doing my own path, which was a sinful path of destruction. However, standing in your Christian faith and His commands in His Word will bring about His change in you and in the ones you love and whom you hurt and will speed their healing process in His perfect time.

I picked up my very first case and felt such a heavy conviction that I turned myself in to the police. A very long story but in short (the Reader’s Digest version) I fell on my knees crying and sobbing, asking God to be gracious to me and my family, praying for forgiveness for my selfishness and what I have done to my family. I was married to a beautiful Christian woman with 7 adopted kids wondering how I could  be so stupid!

I’m now on my 11th year and may get out in about 3 years. Praying and believing for my family, writing letters, making phone calls, seeing God and He keeps saying, “Keep standing in your faith that I give you.” So I tell my wife that we can still do this and make our marriage work. She says it will take a miracle, and I say, “We believe in miracles don’t we?”  “Yes, we do” she says. So I said, “That’s a deal then.”

Don’t stop crying out for His help.


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