Kenneth Barksdale: I was released from prison after serving 15 yrs of a 30 to life sentence. After a couple of months out, drugs and crime became my life again! A year after release I found myself locked up again for the 5th time with a 125 yr- life sentence. The end? Not hardly!! Instead, the opportunity for a new beginning, a new life eternal in Christ. Two months after being arrested for this case, in a desperate fit of rage and fear and hopelessness, I fell on my face and dared God to try and save this complete ruin of a man whose life I believed was beyond retrieval or repair. Well, suffice it to say, Father God availed in my life and convincingly revealed to me that it had always been His will for me to know and learn to love Him. But first I had to be emptied of self. Unfortunately it took me 50 years of living hell and 5 prison terms to fall down on my knees and completely surrender my life and will to Him. It was the most joyous thing I’ve ever done. Since that day I’ve known absolute joy and a liberty that I could never hope to attain by myself. Now my life is of service unto the Lord, and I live a life of thanksgiving in all that I do. I’ve been blessed with a glorious testimony of love, mercy and grace from Jesus Christ.

Steven Cisneros:  Because of God I’m alive in spirit and body.  My soul is safe and I’m much smarter and aware of truth thanks to God and the bible.  God provided a way in this life.

Eugene Cook; I have been in prison since I was16. Been through all the pit falls of this environment. Gangs, violence, drugs, you name it and I partook. In 2012, I began to feel empty and lost like life had no value. I had no value. There was no light at the end of my tunnel. Then someone offhandedly said, “if ya scared, go back to church!” I was tired of living so I went to church. I was lost at first. Then all of a sudden I felt a small sliver of life and hope. Then before I knew it I had no taste for past vices. Gave up gangs, drugs, violence, etc. Daily my walk is getting stronger and stronger and I’m more free. So the Lord has changed my life and continues today. I give all praise to God and share my story of salvation.

Jose Coronado:  I would say I was a gang member. I used to sell drugs, was very promiscuous, always fighting. I’ve been doing time (in and out))since I was 13 years old. My dad became a Christian when I when 12 and he was trying to convert me, but I was always hard headed and I wanted my own crazy lifestyle. However, through trails and tribulations I figured out that is what lead me to the prisons and so many hardships. Now I’ve given my life to God and Jesus. I know that following in those foot steps, I have been happier and I’ve felt more at peace with myself and others on this journey.

Paul Downing; I have learned that Godly living is simply living with God in your life and His life in you. He gives us guidelines to help build our lives in His precepts and call us to acts of faith that build godliness.  Receive God as “The Lord who heals you”. His nature is to heal; His will and compassionate desire is to make us whole.

John Manning (sentence commuted) I will very likely be on parole in 8 – 10 months…Thank you, Father in Heaven. No way other than by His hand has this been made, PERIOD!

I deserved death, He gave me life. I deserved to die in prison! He gives me a redeemed life. I cannot say it any clearer “Jesus Lives”. God hears even when we are thinking at Him! My praise report is actual fact that God is real. Those who are still holding onto a hidden smattering of doubt. Please hear my words.

Though our flesh cries in agony and fear strangles our thoughts, our Lord, Jesus Christ, knows how frail each of us are. However, there is hope even in the darkest of times, even when every fiber of our being tells us to give up.

I rely on God’s promises – all of them. So, if I can, you can.

I don’t deserve a second chance, but who am I to argue against God? I am not.

Instead I relied on Him and 25 years later, yes, 25 years…I can actually see a new life ahead. If you, too, squint your eyes real tight and believe, I think you are gonna see it, too. Jesus asked us to believe even though we can’t see and won’t understand.   Just believe…

Gary Peoples Jr.; My mother died on 12-12-12.  I’ve changed because of her letters.  She would always say “Gary just read your bible and tell me what you want in your quarterly package!”

Well hey; in prison the bible hardly is read, but I remember a saying from Bo Jackson…Just Do It.  Well from just doing it, spirit always recognizes spirit.  Meaning like game recognizes game.  The game wins not the physical man.  Same here.  The spirit profits not just the physical man.  God’s mold is a spiritual man.  Never to be duplicated because he’s one of a kind.  …the spirit that understands spirit so as to say when this happens the yielded flesh must recognize, then it profits more grain and money in the warehouse. But God gives him a body which pleases God.  The flesh profits nothing and that’s my testimony.

Jimmy Scott; I walk in faith, strength, hope, joy, and a little pain to gain the holy, holy glory of power of God and, with God, my walk of walks are of grace willingness.  My salvation is to see the clouds, stars, and the moon as the mist of the morning break.  The surrendered day is another day as I myself hold the Lord within my soul His words or words are the temptation of the holy holiness of the will to walk the walk with God.

Dave Smith; After serving over 30 years I am finally ready to call the run done.  I really have never cared much who Jesus was or God was.  I was out for me and mine.  Now I had come to realize that it’s a lonely place – to be living in darkness.  I know that life can get better and I know there is a higher power and slowly I’m learning who God and Jesus are and what it means to be a believer.

Jason Stahursky: I used to be bisexual before I came to know the Lord but I have been delivered from that. While serving Jesus I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and have received the gift of speaking in tongues. I have been able to know the Word more by attending studies with the brothers and Don Lilly and have learned about the first 8 books of the New Testament. I have surrendered my life to Jesus and am doing everything I can to Follow Him. It’s been a wonderful journey and I look forward to the plans He has for my life.

Tony White Hall  “My walk and Path”  There’s been many lonely nights behind these prisons walls. There’s no need, any more, to reach down inside myself in this darkness, seeking strength, fighting back the tears of loneliness and despair. I have a newfound path. I told myself many years ago a man doesn’t cry. In here in the jungle creed, the strong must feed on any prey at hand. Growing up, I was branded a beast, who sat at the feast, before I was a man. Yes, I now see that this was my problem as a young boy. I was introduced to too much game and street life. Now as I stare at these four walls, I begin to see myself more clearly. In the past 10 yrs., I have finally grown up. I know that whenever I get out, there will be another way of life waiting for me; one I didn’t know anything about. There will be truthfulness and the deceit will be a thing of the past. I still have a lot to learn on this new path I call my new life. I have found my way while in prison. A life away from vice and corrupt

tion and most of all away from the streets of broken dreams.

Kevin Wilson: I am tried my whole life silently hoping to become a great man. I still am trying. I found God and I’ve been still in a trial but am now a believer. I never really had tears but in my heart I wanted them. This is a change in my trial. (D.O.C.) since 2011 I knew who you were. I am grateful to be talking and finding magnificent responses as a Child of God in D.O.C. Outreach in absolute connection of my trial.

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