First, we’d like to thank you for considering interacting with prisoners by writing letters or assisting with the office activities. Very few people would be willing to share their time with these men and women who have become the outcasts of our society. The fact remains – they are human beings. When you read their stories you will recognize that loneliness is one of the greatest challenges they face each day.

Communication is essential in the rehabilitation process. So, thank you in advance for this selfless act. It is an act of faith – faith that Jesus can make a positive difference in another person’s life.

If writing isn’t your ‘cup o’ tea’ you may have computer, telephone, graphic, bookkeeping, being a servant skills that would be valuable to the ministry as we continue to reach out into prisons and to parolees who need to know they are loved, valuable and have worth as a person.

Psalm 142:7 | Matthew 25:35 | James 2:16

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