Be a partner with D.O.C. Outreach Inside and Out.
We are a discipleship ministry rather than a pen pal ministry. We hope you, as a dedicated Christian, will step in to mentor incarcerated men and women who profess belief in Christ. There are many false teachers who express ideas and pass out their materials in our prisons and jails. Cults, White Supremacist “Christians”, Muslims, (a long list) of those who recruit unsuspecting inmates. Christian guidance and the truth and light of the Holy Spirit can be made available through your support and encouragement in a letter.

Interested? Disciple or mentor a prisoner with a monthly commitment to write a letter, send a postcard or a greeting card to someone who wants to know Jesus in a personal way and use our address.

Or, write a letter by email and we will print it and mail it to the prisoner which protects your identity, address, and saves you paper, envelopes and postage! The person you mentor will respond and we will send the response to you by email attachment.

We ask that you pray about becoming a mentor. We know you will find this rewarding. Use the form or e-mail us to let us know of your interest, or ask questions. We will respond to questions and interest with thankful hearts!
Thank you.

  • Letter Writing
  • Visits
  • Collect Phone Calls
  • Support at Parole
  • Rides to Church