First, we’d like to thank you for considering this opportunity. Communicating through the mail or making a compassionate visit with a prisoner has “good reward”.  Very few people would be willing to share their time with these men and women who have become the outcasts of our society.  The fact remains – they are God’s children and they are human beings.  Broken people need support, encouragement, and God’s grace. When you read their stories you will recognize that loneliness is one of the greatest challenges they face each day.

Communication is essential in the rehabilitation process. Faith and trust is built through human relationships – something some of these children of God have never had.  So, thank you in advance for this selfless act. It is an act of faith – faith that Jesus can make a positive difference in another person’s life. Because He can!

Mail call in prison is the highlight of a prisoner’s day!  Can you write a letter once a month?  Or send a postcard every 2 or 3 weeks?  How about a birthday card?

If writing isn’t your ‘cup o’ tea’?  Reach out to someone with a “mentor visit” and then walk alongside the man or woman you have mentored once they are on parole.  Take him/her to church or a bible study. Call and encourage their job search. Give them a ride if needed. Have a brief daily devotional time with them. The list is endless – let your heart and the Holy Spirit lead. Nothing matters more to the success of staying out of prison than to know Jesus and His love through a human person who cares and behaves like Him.

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