Purpose and goal for members inside:

To mentor men/women who will carry the light of Christ into areas where there may be no fellowship, Bible Studies, or prayer Good Samaritangroups. Men/women who will plant seeds for God to nurture and grow. Men/women whose walk is so attractive that others want what they have.

At D. O. C. we:

  • Counsel them to build relationships. Encourage them to write and share their testimonies of how their lives are changed through Jesus Christ.
  • Help equip them in the truth and freedom of Jesus Christ. While we do want to grow the ministry, we are much more interested in men/women showing other men/women the love, freedom and truth of a life in Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage our membership to maintain bonds between brothers and sisters in prison and those who are released toparole. The D. O. C. Deliverer is a vehicle that provides an opportunity to keep those friendships tight until there is another way to communicate.
  • Ecourage membership to create an environment of fellowship within the walls among those who believe and want to grow in their faith as well as those who are looking for a better way of live. Men and women who pray and study together develop a feeling of worth and belonging that is vital to a strong walk in Christ and a successful future free from prison.
  • Support and encourage our members inside prison with personal letters. There are many who have no family or outside contact and need to know they are loved, cared about, and worthy.
  • Encourage membership to have a finger on the pulse of what is happening with the spread of the Gospel in the prisons where they live and assist them in that effort.
  • Encourage our members to gather together those who will listen to the Word – all carry the torch – all represent Jesus – all plant seeds – all demonstrate His love as they love, accept and forgive those they reach out to in His name.

We strongly desire to encourage and support discipling ‘behavior’ within the walls and pray earnestly that members and staff of this ministry do so in surrender to His will.